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10 Must-Have Action Figures: Your Christmas Shopping Guide for 2023

It's that time of year again!!! When kids of all ages eagerly wait to see what's tucked underneath the Christmas Tree! If you're in need of some ideas for the collector in your life, check out our 10 best action figure ideas for Christmas this year! These are in no particular order.

NECA The Last Ronin

Once again, Neca blows our minds with this incredible figure based on the stellar TMNT The Last Ronin Comic Book. It was a difficult choice between this and the unarmored version, but I had to go with the armored version.

I don't think anybody would expect this figure to be as poseable as it is. I was very surprised, and pleased with just how much joy this figure brought me. The level of detail in not only the figure, but the accessories is simply outstanding. Fans of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will be happy to find this guy under the tree this year. I've seen both versions at my local Walmart, retailing at $31.99 each.

Amazing Yamaguchi/Revoltech: Spider-Man (v 2.0)

Seeing what Revoltech has done with their newer offerings to improve the look and hide the joints better has made them even more desireable for collectors. I have both versions of Spider-Man and this one is my favorite.

The aesthetic of Revoltech has grown much better in leaps and bounds. When this Spider-Man showed up at my house, I was absolutely thrilled. Even in vanilla poses it still looks phenomenal. The vast array of accessories also makes this one of the best Spider-Man figures out there. He can be found on eBay for a variety of prices. He is back on BBTS for $99.99, however it's a restock pre-order, not slated to arrive before summer. :(

Target Exclusive: Marvel Legends Black Widow

Arguably, the best looking Black Widow on the market from domestic producer, Hasbro. I was very fortunate that a friend of mine stumbled across several of them at his local Target and was kind enough to grab one for me.

This is my absolute favorite Legends Black Widow. The multiple interchangeable heads, hands, weapons, and accessory/effects make this a Deluxe figure at regular retail prices! I have been rotating the head sculpts on my display as I can't decide which I like the most. Best of all, this figure is still available at Target as I found her online for $27.99 while writing this article!

McFarlane Toys: DC Multiverse: Knightfall Batman

If you've been reading my articles, you'll know that I'm not an overly huge fan of McFarlane's stuff. I will grab certain figures, because the character appeals to me, but overall, I don't typically collect his stuff.

That being said, when I first saw this Batman, I knew without a doubt that he'd be in my collection. Knightfall is still one of my absolute favorite Batman stories, which has held true to this day. Having a figure so accurately depict his appearance, with very solid articulation was a dream come true. Yes, I have the Mafex version on pre-order, but until that arrives, this version will stand proudly on my display shelf. Batman fans, this is the Dark Knight you have been looking for. You can still get him online. I found a listing on Best Buy's website for $19.99

Hasbro G.I. Joe Classified Series #84: Firefly

The first iteration of Firefly didn't really do anything for me, so when this was announced, I was thrilled. Firefly has long been a favorite Joe character for me and this version really brings back some fun memories.

Cobra's famed saboteur comes with a solid assortment of weapons and gear. The suit design is rendered so well in 1/12 scale and the figure is just an overall enjoyable figure to have in my collection. There was some issue with the torso joint, hopefully the loose joint has been resolved. Aside from that, he's a definite must have in your G.I. Joe collection and at the retail price of $25.99 is more than worth the value!

Hasbro Marvel Legends VHS 2 Pack: Green Goblin and Mary Jane Watson

Despite some of the limitations of the designs, these are two of my favorite additions to the Spider-Display. Having the animated version of these characters alongside with the other figures from this wave puts a huge smile on my face.

I really appreciate the fact that we're getting more "civilian" characters from Hasbro. It helps make dioramas look more realistic and enables us to be completists. Goblin and MJ are beautiful examples of animated series figures done correctly and they really bring a pop to the display shelves. This is a bit harder to find as they are currently sold out at Hasbro Pulse. However, you can pre-order them for a January delivery from BBTS for $52.99. Let your loved one know they've got a surprise coming and when it arrives, well, face it tiger, you just hit the jackpot!

Hasbro G.I. Joe Classfied Series #73 Torpedo

The Joe team's resident Navy SEAL comes with some incredible accessories and really does justice to the original 3.3/4 inch version. I was surprised when I came across him at my local GameStop. The employee told me that I lucked out, as it was the last one.

Torpedo has always been, for me, one of the most underutilized members of the G.I. Joe team. I can only think of three or four stories where he featured prominently in the comic books. Having this in your collection allows you to use Torpedo to his full potential. Set up some amazing underwater themed shots with him and some Cobra EELS, have him infiltrating a small Cobra base, or just pose the heck out of him. Whatever you choose to do, Torpedo is going to be a lot of fun. Best of all, he's available on Hasbro Pulse for $24.99 and BBTS for $25.99.

Hasbro Marvel Legends: X-Men '97 Wolverine

There have been a number of differing opinions on this figure. Many people have said it's the best Marvel Legends Wolverine out there, others have said he's just average, nothing special. For me, even though I tried to be objective in my review, this is my personal favorite.

I appreciate the fact that not only did we get a really cool, flared mask, but also one of the best looking unmasked head sculpts I've ever seen. I also really am happy that the claws are more animated in their styling, instead of those skinny, warped toothpicks we usually get. Fans of the diminutive Canadian Mutant should easily be able to get behind this figure and if your X-Men fanatic finds him under the tree, I'm sure they'll be exceptionally grateful. This Wolverine is currently available on Hasbro Pulse for $24.99 and pre-order (expected December arrival) on BBTS for $25.99

Medicom Mafex #175: Batman HUSH: Nightwing

This one came out earlier in the year and I waited on him. Honestly, I hadn't expected to get one, but saw him on sale and couldn't pass up the price.

I am absolutely thrilled that I ended up adding Nightwing to my collection. This is one of my favorite Mafex offerings and I'm really hoping this is the body mold they use for Daredevil next year. His articulation is top notch, there's some nice "heft" to the figure, it's not flimsy at all. The accessories are out of this world and the alternate head sculpts really bring young Mr. Grayson to life. He is currently posed next to my Hush Batman (Blue Cape) and the pair just look fantastic together. Of course, being Mafex, it's going to be a bit pricier, but you can find this figure on BBTS for $104.99 or currently on sale on Amazon for $95.00

Medicom Mafex #186 Scarlet Spider (Comic Version)

Ben Reilly has become almost a "cult classic" character for me. I owned a comic store during the Clone Saga storyline. I really wasn't thrilled with the Scarlet Spider costume and enjoyed heaping ridicule on it.

However, as time has passed, not only has the character grown more fondly in my memories, so has his original look. Mafex announcing this figure brought a big smile to my face, especially since I had missed out on this version in the Marvel Legends line. Thankfully, there is a new one coming and I have it on pre-order. Anyhow, what really sets this figure apart for me is the sleek design and the very nicely done soft goods component. I thought the hoodie would hinder articulation but it really doesn't. This figure looks great and can hit pretty much any Spider-Man pose you can think of. If I didn't already have it, and discovered it in my stocking on Christmas morning, I'd be one happy collector. You can find him online at BBTS for $104.99

Thank you all for your support this year! Dan's ToyBox has hit some incredible milestones, thanks to awesome readers like you! Stay tuned for some new reviews upcoming as well as we will be dropping our Top 15 Figures of 2023 list between Christmas and New Years. May you have the Merriest of Christmases with those you love and a safe and happy New Year!!!

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