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Amazing Yamaguchi Revoltech: Spider-Man Ver. 2.0 Action Figure Review

Welcome to Dan's ToyBox latest review of the Amazing Yamaguchi Revoltech Spider-Man Version 2.0 Action Figure! This figure is based on the "all new, all different" Spider-Man Mk IV armor and features impressive details such as the green glow of his eyes, spider emblem, and webbing accessories. In this review, we will evaluate the figure based on four main criteria: Accessories, Appearance, Articulation, and Affordability. Each category will receive a score out of ten, and an overall grade will be assigned to the figure at the end.

During the "All New, All Different" phase, Marvel revamped their heroes. Peter Parker now owns Parker Industries, a worldwide Tech corporation. He created the Spider-Armor MK IV using his resources at Parker Industries. In order to protect his identity as Spider-Man, Peter convinced Hobie Brown, the Prowler, to occasionally impersonate Spider-Man, and gave his suit an upgrade capable of imitating the Spider-Armor MK IV. The Prowler's uniform can switch between Spider-Armor and Prowler Suit by simply pressing on the center button. The suit helped him mimic Spider-Man's abilities including wall-crawling. The armor also became Spider-Man's regular costume.

During a battle against Superior Octopus, the villain blasted Spider-Man with an electromagnetic pulse, after seeing Norman Osborne disable the armor with one previously. However, the power level of the EMP released completely shredded the armor. Fortunately for Spider-Man, he was wearing his classic costume underneath.

With our history lesson out of the way, let's dive into those review categories!


The Amazing Yamaguchi Revoltech Spider-Man Version 2.0 comes with a variety of accessories that enhance its display options. It includes six pairs of interchangeable hands, one set of fists, one set of thwipping, one pair relaxed, and three variations of finger splayed, wall crawling hands, allowing for dynamic poses and various web-slinging gestures. The figure also comes with two web effects, which can be attached to the wrists or utilized in dynamic action poses. A pair of web "wings" which can plug into his back and two web lines. He also features four different pairs of eye lenses to give him different emotive expressions. My major concern with the eyes is that they tend to sit rather loose when plugged in. I found that I have to carefully hold them in place when putting the head back on the ball peg. Fortunately, once in place, the pressure against the ball peg helps to hold the eyes securely. Last of all, there is a display stand, that further enhances the figure's playability and creativity for collectors. There are also multiple options with the display. There is a plug to port directly into his back, a waist clamp, and a magnetic piece for displaying him on your fridge... unfortunately, the magnet isn't terribly strong, and I watched Spidey slowly slide down the side of my metal filing cabinet. That was a tad disappointing.

Happy Surprised Angry/Suspicious Normal


The attention to detail in the appearance of this action figure is exceptional. The Spider-Man Mk IV armor is faithfully recreated, capturing the essence of the "all new, all different" design. The green glow of the eyes adds a striking visual element, providing a unique twist to the character's iconic look. What stands out the most though is the head. The original version had an odd sculpt to it, with a floating piece that made it look as if Spidey were wearing a bicycle helmet. This figure actually has a round head which looks as if it jumped off the comic page into brilliant 3D life! The spider emblem on the chest is finely sculpted and painted, with precise line work and vibrant colors. The overall paint job is clean and detailed, showcasing the figure's quality and craftsmanship. The sculpted detailing is readily evident throughout the figure and is impressive on its own. When coupled with the metallic paint scheme, the detail design really pops. Even though I don't know a tremendous amount about this design, I have to say that I really like the Mk IV Spider armor look and have used it regularly in the PS4 Spider-Man game. I've viewed several reviews and one of the chief concerns was the change in packaging. I do have the first version of Spider-Man and I can understand the consternation. The package art, previously, was really amazing. I enjoyed the insert piece immensely along with the figure shots and animated styling. However, I have to admit that I really do like this new packaging. As the figure is very sleek and stylized, the packaging is also sleek and elegant. I found the simplicity very eye-catching and, though I was initially surprised at the radical change in package design, I have to admit that the look has grown on me.


Articulation is where this figure truly shines. The Amazing Yamaguchi Revoltech Spider-Man Version 2.0 features a highly flexible body with a remarkable range of motion. It utilizes the Revoltech joint system, allowing for smooth and dynamic poses. The figure's joints are sturdy, and the articulation points are strategically placed, ensuring stability while maintaining a wide array of posing possibilities. Whether it's mid-air acrobatics or crouched combat stances, this figure can recreate iconic Spider-Man poses with ease. Over time, Amazing Yamaguchi has made some incredible strides in the design and engineering of their figures. One of the big turnoffs of the older figures was the terrible look when in vanilla poses. Granted, the pictures above don't necessarily do this figure justice, in terms of its capabilities, but rest assured that posing this Spider-Man is an absolute dream come true. The head is on an angled ball peg, which coupled with the neck joint allows for very deep downward looking and an amazing level of upward looking head tilt. The ball peg also allows you to tilt/cock the head for Spidey's trademark curiosity poses. The head also turns left to right with ease. The new design for the shoulder butterfly joints is fantastic. I didn't purchase the Black Panther, which I'm regretting, but I believe that figure debuted these new joints and man, are they terrific. The joints slide over the upper torso, allowing for a much greater range of motion for the arms, as they are no longer limited by the lack of space inside the figure. The shoulder joints themselves are the same ball pegs, but with these new butterfly joints, make posing the figure in dynamic and vanilla poses easier done than said! This figure also engages a bicep swivel and the ball peg elbows, which allow for rotation and nearly full bend. This engineering finally allows you to pose the figure with arms full crossed which means you can bring the right hand up to the left side of his head and vice versa. I'm so pleased with the much wider range of motility in the arms. The wrists all hinge and pivot easily, allowing the hands to be posed in more interactive methods. The upper torso is very fun to work with, allowing for great forward and backward crunch, side to side tilting and rotation. The lower ball joint, sitting above the floating belt piece significantly improves dynamic crunch posing when used in conjunction with the upper joint. This joint can also rotate and tilt side to side as well. His legs will do incredible splits, can kick upward very well, feature upper thigh rotation, and have double jointed knees capable of a full bend. Taking a cue from Sentinel, this figure also has small "cut outs" in the back of the thighs to accommodate the calves, leading to the deep bend. The ankles hinge and pivot very nicely and the toe articulation, both up and down, is fun to play around with, but tends to be a bit loose on mine. As with all Revoltech figures, there is a degree of learning necessary with the figure. I mentioned in my previous Amazing Yamaguchi Spider-Man review, these aren't figures that you'll take out of the package and start posing, but once you get the hang of the joint engineering, you'll have so much fun with this figure that the learning curve will seem a distant memory.


Considering the quality and features of the figure, the price point may be considered slightly high for some collectors. However, the Amazing Yamaguchi Revoltech Spider-Man Version 2.0 justifies its cost with its exceptional design, articulation, and accessories. It offers a premium collector's experience that is well worth the investment for fans of Spider-Man and action figure enthusiasts alike. I purchased mine from BBTS for the retail price of $99.99 and feel it's worth the cost, given the workmanship involved in the figure design and execution.

Overall, the Amazing Yamaguchi Revoltech Spider-Man Version 2.0 Action Figure excels in all categories, from its extensive accessories to the impeccable appearance and superb articulation. The figure's attention to detail, such as the green glow of the eyes, spider emblem, and webbing accessories, further enhances its appeal. While the affordability score may be slightly lower due to the price point, the overall quality and playability of this figure make it a must-have for any Spider-Man fan and collector. Thus I'm excited to give this figure:

9.5 ToyBoxes out of 10!!!

The Amazing Yamaguchi Revoltech Spider-Man Version 2.0 Action Figure impresses with its array of accessories, meticulous appearance, impressive articulation, and overall quality. It stands out as a true representation of the "all new, all different" Spider-Man Mk IV armor. Thank you, as always, for your continued support of Dan's ToyBox. If you enjoyed the review, please comment below, or leave a like. Never miss an article, by clicking the subscription box on the homepage. Until next time... GEEK OUT!!!

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