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Bandai/Tamashii Nations SHFiguarts Captain America Avengers Assemble Edition Action Figure Review!

Greetings, fellow toy enthusiasts! Today, we're diving into the world of action figures with a detailed review of the Bandai/Tamashii Nations SHFiguarts Captain America (Avengers Assemble) Edition. I'm thrilled to share my thoughts on this iconic collectible. We'll be evaluating this figure across four primary categories: accessories, appearance, articulation, and affordability. Each category will receive a grade on a scale of zero to ten, culminating in a final score that reflects my overall impression of this figure.

Accessories: 9/10

The SHFiguarts Captain America (Avengers Assemble) Edition comes with an impressive array of accessories that capture the essence of this patriotic hero. Imports are always packed with amazing stuff and this figure is no exception. Cap comes with: Two masked faces, with different expression, two unmasked heads, one clean, the other bruised and scraped, two alternate necks, a collar insert (for masked version) and a pulled down mask insert. He comes with seven pairs of hands: fists, item holding hands, shield handle grasping hands, open palms, relaxed hands, tabbed hands for "holding" his shield by it's edge, and two right hands (one finger and two fingers pointing.) There are two shields, one clean, one battle damaged, flat shield straps to plug into the back of each shield, an open strap to fit around his forearm and plug into the shield and a clear extended plug that ports into his shield and one of the tabbed hands. The accessories are well-sculpted and painted, enhancing the figure's versatility.

Appearance: 8.5/10

The attention to detail in the sculpt and paintwork of this figure is truly commendable. The Captain America suit, inspired by the Avengers Assemble animated series, is faithfully recreated with vibrant colors and intricate textures. Thedusty sheen on his helmet and costume adds a realistic touch. However, there are slight imperfections in the paint application on a few edges, which prevent a perfect score. His unmasked sculpts feature terrific paint apps and a solid likeness to Chris Evans. However, my biggest issue of indecision is the metallic gold hair. Though the pictures really don't show it, in hand, the hair has an almost metallic shine to it. I'm actually torn about how I feel. Sometimes when I look at it, I like it and think it does the figure justice, other times though, the light hits it just right and I feel like it could have been muted a bit more. Either way, I will say it's going to be a personal matter of choice as to how you feel about the look. Overall, the figure is a remarkable representation of the character's on-screen appearance.

Articulation: 9.5/10

Articulation is where the SHFiguarts line truly shines, and Captain America is no exception. With over 30 points of articulation, this figure can achieve a wide range of dynamic poses, from iconic shield-throwing stances to hand-to-hand combat. The joints are sturdy yet allow for smooth movement, and the figure maintains balance even in action-packed poses. The double-jointed elbows and knees, along with the swivel waist and ankle rockers, contribute to the figure's exceptional poseability. Probably the most appreciated feature will be the diaper piece for his lower torso. SHF has long used the dreaded "bum flaps" to help increase leg movement range. This design hasn't always been popular with collectors, and it isn't part of this figure. I honestly didn't realize it at first and then it hit me. I was looking at Cap and thinking..."What's different here?" Couldn't quite put my finger on it and then, I saw it... America's @$$ didn't have butt flaps!!!! While the diaper design does provide some restriction to movement, it's not enough to be problematic and his legs stay sturdy regardless of pose.

Affordability: 7/10

While the quality of the SHFiguarts line is undeniably top-notch, the price point can be a concern for some collectors. The Captain America (Avengers Assemble) Edition comes at a higher price compared to other figures on the market. The inclusion of numerous accessories justifies the cost to some extent, but it might still be a deterrent for budget-conscious collectors. Admittedly, I received this as a gift, but if you are looking for one, you can find it on BBTS for $89.99


This figure truly captures the essence of Captain America's heroic persona and offers collectors a plethora of options for creative display. While the affordability factor could be improved, the overall quality and attention to detail make this a must-have for dedicated fans of both the character and action figure craftsmanship. After careful evaluation of the figure's accessories, appearance, articulation, and affordability, I'm excited to award the Bandai/Tamashii Nations SHFiguarts Captain America (Avengers Assemble) Edition with a final score of:

8.5 out of 10 ToyBoxes.

In conclusion, the SHFiguarts Captain America (Avengers Assemble) Edition impresses with its accessories, impeccable appearance, outstanding articulation, and overall quality. Whether you're a fan of the Avengers Assemble series or simply appreciate finely crafted action figures, this collectible is a noteworthy addition to any toy collection. While the price might give some collectors pause, the figure's undeniable charm and versatility make it a solid investment for those who value both accuracy and playability. So, fellow collectors, if you're ready to bring the spirit of Captain America to your shelf, this figure might just be your shield-wielding companion of choice! Until next time... GEEK OUT!!!


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