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Black Adam Spoiler Free Movie Review

Black Adam Review

Dwayne Johnson usually plays himself in movies, this is really no different, but now, he has superpowers. It does go into a brief history of how he became Black Adam but didn't fully delve into it like the Shazam movie's origin backstory. That being said, you will find connections between both characters.

I did enjoy the secret cameos and a possible post credit scene that has the world lock jawed in what they saw. Is it a character driven movie? No, not really, but it does bring the action which seems to be non-stop at times. The film will bring you a little over 2 hours of fun with some catchy phrases like; "I kneel before no one" and "Are you ready to be dropped?" sprinkled throughout. The Special effects were amazing. I liked the bad guy in his cinematic form and would have really liked to have seen more of him. I am a picky person when it comes to movies, I will give this 2.5 stars.

If you're into fight scenes and special effects, this is worth seeing at the theater.

Acting is subpar but Aldis Hodges and Pierce Brosnan have those acting chops and bring strong performances. It's not the best DC movie out there, but it is good fun and enjoyable.



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