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Black Panther 2: Wakanda Forever E-Rock's Movies in a Minute

A movie sequel that tries to be just as great as the original and falls short. It does have some good to great parts of the film, by celebrating the life of the Black Panther played by an actor that was a treasure to so many, Chadwick Boseman. His courageous battle with cancer is an inspiration to us all and he is dearly missed. The movie runtime is 2.5 hours and forces characters that weren't really needed like Martin Freeman's Everett Ross character and others where they just didn't fit. Namor was completely way off from the comics and seemed to fit more in an Aquaman storyline than this. It felt like they had a gap in the story and dropped him in to fill it up. Some of the characters from the tribe felt like they were plucked out of Avatar. The story took too long to develop and take us where it needed to go. The women empowerment was nice and well developed but overall the movie seemed less and less like a Black Panther movie and more like a generic superhero movie, with the Black Panther name slapped on it. No need to see in the movie theater unless you are a huge fan and have to see it there. Save your money and wait on the streaming services.

Rating is a C-



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