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Dan's ToyBox Christmas Edition Reviews: Marvel Legends No Way Home Final Swing Spidey!

Welcome to another Dan's ToyBox Review. The movie has been out for two years and we're finally starting to see the one figure that everyone has longed for... the "Final Swing" Spider-Man. As the movie neared its conclusion and we got to see Peter in his new hand-crafted suit, audiences were thrilled to see the most traditional version ever of his costume on the big screen. The iconic red and blue spandex made its way to the silver screen and looked incredible. Admittedly, Andrew Garfield's costume from ASM 2 is my second favorite iteration, bearing a very McFarlane/Bagley-esque look, but this Holland version is, in my opinion, the best to date. Here's to hoping we see a LOT more of it in the future.

Accessories 8/10

The figure comes with alternate hands and an alternate, unmasked head sculpt. We receive the traditional Spider-Hands... fists, wall crawling, and thwipping. However, there are NO web accessories with this figure, which is probably a good thing as Hasbro still uses terrible webbing molds. Home-made webbing looks so much better with this figure and is easy to do. There are a great number of "do it yourself" web-making videos on YouTube. Check them out! The unmasked sculpt is one of the better Peter Parker versions out there. Admittedly, I don't have a lot of the unmasked Parker Legends, but this compares very favorably with what I do have. If it had come with webs, I honestly might have dropped the score, as it stands, I am good with this rating.

Appearance 8.5/10

Inspired by Peter Parker’s suit at the end of Marvel Studios’ Spider-Man: No Way Home, this action figure captures the essence of the character. The deco is well-executed, and the suit details are faithful to the film. While the blue should be considerably lighter, it does have that shiny/satin look that we get with spandex. I've seen other reviews that had issues with the paint applications on the webbing and I can say that the only area that I had issues with was on the right boot. The black lines at the top of the boot are spotty, but aside from that, the rest of the figure is very well done. The eye lenses are clean and evenly applied, which was also a concern in other reviews. I am pleased with how nicely the unmasked head turned out as well. The flesh tone is very realistic, and it does look as though Hasbro used the photo realism program to add differences in color to the flesh, around his eyes and cheek bones. Overall, I will say this figure easily fits on either your MCU shelf, or with your comic book renditions.

Articulation 3/10

Easily, the most disappointing part of the figure for me. I had heard several other reviewers having QC issues with their Spider-Man figures... breaking at the biceps, stuck joints, neck pegs snapping... you name it. I have been fortunate to not run into the breaking issues, but the joints on this figure are a nightmare to deal with. Right out of the box, he immediately took a hot water bath. The shoulders, hips, elbows and knees were all locked up. Even after his hot tub soak, the joints still feel gummy. I was able to swap heads with relative ease but was careful to exam the neck peg for any signs of stress. I have to pick up some shock oil, when I'm out again and my plan will be to give him another hot water or even hair dryer blast and then hit all the joints with the shock oil to keep them lubricated. I have thought about boiling him to pop the shoulders out, in order to make the mods to increase his butterfly range. I think, though, that I'm not even going to attempt it, unless I purchase another copy of the figure. I think, what is most frustrating, is that collectors waited two full years after the film to get this look... Hasbro had plenty of time to get it right, yet the figure still feels rushed in engineering, leading to the aforementioned quality control issues. I've gone over Legend articulation so many times, that I think all I'm going to say about this is... take every issue you've ever had with Marvel Legends articulation and apply them here. Limited torso flexion coupled with easily stressed joints, limitations where there should be none... all of these apply to my version of this figure. Hasbro... do better.

Affordability 6/10

At a price point of $24.99, this figure falls right in line for a 6-inch Marvel Legends collectible. Considering the quality control issues, articulation problems overall rushed feel, I'm probably being overly generous with an affordability rating this high. That being said, Hasbro has a history of overpricing figures they know the public desires and they didn't go that route with this wave, thankfully.

Overall Rating

Taking all factors into account, the Hasbro Marvel Legends Spider-Man No Way Home “Final Swing” Spider-Man Action Figure deserves an overall rating of:

7.5 out of 10 ToyBoxes

It’s a worthy addition to any Marvel Legends collection, especially for fans of the film! 🕷️🔥Just take care so that you can mitigate any of the QC issues so prevalent with this figure. Until next time... GEEK OUT!!!

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