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Dan's ToyBox Favorites: My Top 10 Marvel Legends: Marvel Villains!

This could be trouble!!!

Hey there loyal readers! I had so much fun putting together my MCU/Live Action and Spider-Man Villain lists that I just had to keep going. I will be putting together my Top 10 Favorite Marvel Hero figures list in the not-too-distant future as well. Summer figure buying had to slow down a bit for me this year, but I want to keep bringing you fun content, so I hope you enjoy these Top 10 articles. I will be posting a new review this week for the Neca TMNT Last Ronin (armored version) action figure.

I actually never plugged in my criteria in the other articles, but basically... I selected these figures based on appearance, styling, and enjoyment derived in having them in my collection. Sure, this is all subjective, but seeing what I like helps give you all a glimpse into why and how I grade figures the way I do. Let's get on with the countdown.

10) Kang

There is something indescribably fun about having this figure. It could use a wash or shading to give the details more highlight, but it's very comic accurate and, in it's simplicity, is one of the most elegant designs. I really hadn't expected to add Kang to my collection, but I'm really glad that I did. He fits in very nicely on my display as well as posing with my Avengers figures. I actually am not a huge fan of the character, but there is something appealing about this figure. Kang easily earns the 10 spot on my list.

9) Wendigo (BAF)

As the Build a Figure centerpiece to the Marvel Legends X-Force wave, Wendigo was a fun piece to complete. The detail paint on the figure gives him some great depth and shading, while not going overboard. I would have given him a bendy tail, but that's just me. Overall, for such a big, bulky figure, he still poses quite well and paired with the Hulk and Wolverine (80th Anniversary set) helps recreate one of the most iconic scenes in comic book history!

8) Mr. Sinister

There are so many different schools of thought concerning the marbled look that Hasbro uses to convey metallic or glossy appearances. I actually enjoy it, when properly used and in this case, it looks great. Mr. Sinister takes the 8 spot SOLELY due to his appearance. The blues and reds on this figure are incredible, especially in contrast to his stark white visage. The cape design may not be the best, but man, even just standing on the shelf, this figure carries a malevolence that doesn't bode well for the X-Men.

7) Mysterio (Retro Wave)

Mysterio was really close to making the Spider-Man Villain list, but I decided he needed to be on this one. The Retro versions are quickly becoming my favorites simply due to the comic design and Mysterio just looks fantastic. The colors pop and the wash over the costume just gives it such amazing depth and texture, plus, the bonus glowing green head under his domed helmet is a really nice touch. Though there's nothing inherently special about the character for me, the figure easily earned his spot on my top villain pantheon.

6) Kingpin (Retro Wave)

Wilson Fisk may not be happy with me for not putting him in the top 5, but too bad. The competition for the best of the baddies was pretty tight. I dropped Kingpin in at 6 just because of the imposing figure he cuts on the shelf. Resplendent in his white coat and blue ascot, Kingpin towers over the other villains, but as much as I love this classic look, there are a few more that just barely edge him out. Still, if you can find one, he's worth adding to your own collections.

5) Super Skrull (BAF)

Who wouldn't want an action figure that could display all four of the Fantastic Four's powers?!? I actually bought a case when this wave was released because I was A) really excited for the figures in it, and B) wanted a Super Skrull very badly. I do have the regular arms but c'mon, he's gotta be posed using his powers. This is another of those "it just looks cool" figures in my collection! One of these days, I'll spend the money on some Skrull army builders, but for now, I am more than content to have just the Super Skrull on my shelf!

4) Magneto (Family Matters 3-Pack)

When Hasbro announced the Family Matters Three Pack with Magneto, Quicksilver, and the Scarlet Witch, I was pretty excited. All three are good looking figures, but Magneto is easily the best in the package. The fact that he can be displayed with the normal eyes or all white eyes head sculpts gives different options for context in photos. I keep my white eyes head sculpt on simply because it looks so good. The Master of Magnetism takes my number 4 spot.

3) Dr. Doom (Fantastic Four Vintage Wave)

Truthfully, this was a toss-up for the number 2 spot. The retro Dr. Doom is my absolute favorite of the three different Doom figures I have. The classic styling, coupled with the appropriate accessories makes this one of my favorite figures. Yes, there are some limitations on articulation, due to the design and sculpt, but that being said, this figure captures the essence of Dr. Doom. The details in his armor, mask, cloak... etc... are very eye-catching and immediately recognizable. There is no doubt that this is the definitive Doom for my collection.

2) Thanos (Deluxe Version)

The Infinity Gauntlet is still one of my all-time favorite comic stories. When the Mad Titan, Thanos, assembles the six Infinity Gems, he uses their nearly unlimited power to impress Mistress Death by wiping out half the life in the universe. The remaining heroes must launch a desperate counter-offensive to defeat Thanos and save the universe, but can even their combined might defeat the god-like being Thanos has become? Giving Thanos his classic look as well as multiple gauntlet hands and the King Thanos head sculpt, this version is my favorite Thanos figure and one of the best-looking Legends I own.

You've come this far and you're probably thinking... "what figure could top those?" Well, again, this is based on my personal preferences, likes, and dislikes. With that in mind, here is my NUMBER ONE favorite Marvel Legends Villains Action Figure:

1) Iron Man 2020

The first time I saw Arno Stark in the comic books, I was shocked by how menacing the armor looked. While more mercenary and hired gun than villain, I still have no issues with adding this figure to the villain list. I can't even tell you why I'm so attached to this particular figure. This is just one of the best character designs I've seen. Especially when you consider the look of the armor, giving us a dark, twisted version of the Golden Avenger. I will admit that when I saw this would be a Walgreens Exclusive, I was at my local store at least twice a week when it was released. When they finally arrived, I was thrilled to snag one. I probably shouldn't have worried though, as he stayed on the shelves there for a while. While I know this isn't one of the most popular characters or figures out there, I'm not ashamed to admit that it's the number one Marvel Legend Villain in my own collection!

There you go! My personal Top 10 Marvel Legends: Marvel Villains list. Please leave a like or comment below on your favorites! Visit us on Facebook at Dan's ToyBox or over on Instagram @danstbox. Until next time... GEEK OUT!!!!

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