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Dan's ToyBox presents our Top 15 Action Figures of 2022

Images © Dan's ToyBox 2022

Hey everyone, it's time for Dan's ToyBox annual top figures list. This is a completely subjective list, based on my personal preferences for the figures I added this year. Sadly, there are some new figures that came out in late 2021 that I didn't get until 2022 and I try to keep to figures released in the same year as the list. With that in mind though, I'll start with a couple of honorable mentions.

Images © Dan's ToyBox 2022

HONORABLE MENTIONS: Hasbro Selfie Series and Sentinel SV Action Peter B. Parker

The Hasbro Selfie Series and the Sentinel SV Action Into the Spider-Verse Peter B. Parker figures are absolutely amazing and fun to have. The selfie series is a unique way to add an action figure in your own likeness and though I think it's an excellent figure, I wanted to grade on an overall scale, not just for the singular attraction of a personalized figure. I was very fortunate to get the Sentinel figure this year, though it was released in 2021. Had I been able to get one last year, it would have EASILY landed at the number one spot on my list. This figure is out of this world and is so much fun to have in hand. I can't wait for the Spider-Gwen this spring to go with Peter B. and Miles! On with the countdown!

15) Star Wars: The Black Series: Throne Room Boba Fett (The Book of Boba Fett)

I received this figure for Christmas and

was very pleased with it. I had watched several reviews and was non-committal about getting one but was surprised by Mrs. ToyBox and am looking forward to dropping my own review on this very solid figure. In fact, he will be part of a 2 in 1 review as I discuss the other Star Wars figure I received as a Christmas gift.

14) Hasbro Marvel Legends: Spider-Man Retro Series: The Scorpion

BENDY TAIL! While there were certainly some things that could have been improved upon with this figure, (I saw other reviews that had poorly applied paint, which looked pretty bad), mine was fairly solid. The addition of the bendy tail makes this a great figure for posing with Spider-Man and really allows for some fun action shots!

13) Hasbro Marvel Legends: 20th Anniversary Iron Man

Twenty years ago, the Marvel Legends line was launched with Captain America, Toad, The Hulk, and Iron Man. This year, Hasbro celebrated by releasing all new versions of those classic figures and this Iron Man is one of my favorites. The classic "horned" helmet, Bronson-esque Tony Stark head and armor design stand the test of time and this figure looks dynamic in my display!

12) Hasbro Marvel Legends: Ragnarok

At first I wasn't sure how I'd feel about this figure. I mean, technically it was a repaint of the 80th Anniversary Thor figure, with a couple of new accessories. However, the longer I've had it, the more I've come to enjoy it. I wouldn't mind replacing the cape with soft goods at some point, but overall, this is a good-looking figure that really adds to my comic Avengers display.

11) Hasbro Marvel Legends: Spider-Man Retro Series: The Lizard

The only Lizard figure I had, before this was released, was from the old Spider-Man line from the 90's! I never did get the BAF as at the time I wasn't collecting too many figures. When this was released, I was really excited to get my hands on one. Lizard looks fantastic with both head sculpts, though I do display mine with the sculpt pictured. The bendy tail is also a great feature and makes this a terrific addition to any Spider-Man enthusiast's collection.

10) Medicom Mafex #185 Spider-Man (Classic Costume Version)

Just released, this updated version of the original Mafex Spider-Man is a delight to have. While he doesn't have an unmasked head, the new brighter blue and red paint scheme makes up for it. The two head sculpts with the Bagley and McFarlane eyes really look great on this color scheme and though it's coming in at 10 on my list, this is quickly becoming one of my favorite figures!

9) Hasbro Marvel Legends 90's Animated Series: Cyclops

While cel shading isn't necessarily for everyone and my visor has an odd sculpt to it, this is my absolute favorite Cyclops figure. The new body mold really fits this figure and the changes made to the harness, wrist, and thigh straps make this, easily, the best Cyclops we've received to date. If you haven't ordered one from Hasbro Pulse, I would definitely recommend jumping on it, quick!

8) Bandai/Tamashii Nations SHFiguarts: No Way Home Iron Spider

I have to admit, this is one of the best-looking figures I reviewed this year. The paint applications are absolutely brilliant, conveying the metallic look to the Iron Spider costume super effectively. I was very happy with the functionality of the spider legs as well as the paint apps on them. This is, easily, my favorite Iron Spider figure to date!

7) Hasbro G.I. Joe Classified Series: Storm Shadow

As a kid, growing up in the 80's, the "ninja craze" was a part of my life as well. When Storm Shadow first appeared in G.I. Joe #21 "Silent Interlude" I went absolutely nuts. This release brings back all those old fond memories and is even more exciting being a six-inch figure, rather than the old 3.75". I know that there will be a Walmart version coming, without the gloves and yes, I've got one ordered. This Storm Shadow is amazing and looks so great on my shelf with Snake Eyes. Grab one if you're a fan!!!

6) Hasbro Marvel Legends: Renew Your Vows Two Pack: Spider-Man

On Spider-Man's 60th Anniversary, Hasbro has really gone all out. This rendition of the web-slinger, complete with TOE articulation is one of their best offerings yet. Honestly, I was surprised that he didn't crack my top 5 but he really could have flip-flopped with the number five spot figure. This feels like the definitive look that we have all be wanting in a Spider-Man figure and is the one I'm starting to use more often for pix with his villains. The two pack is about $55, making this an expensive purchase for one Marvel Legend, but he's worth it.

5) Hasbro Marvel Legends: Spider-Man Retro Series Animated Spider-Man

This figure is a Walmart Exclusive and has been popping up in stores around here pretty frequently. As mentioned earlier, the cel shading look may not be for everyone and though I have some issues with how it's applied, the rest of the figure is amazing. I love the design of the eyes, the head shape, the whole figure just LOOKS incredible. Give him toe articulation and this might have been the top Marvel Legend for the year, for me.

4) Hasbro Marvel Legends: 20th Anniversary Captain America

Really, where do I start? With the exception of the holes in the shield, there is absolutely nothing else about this figure I don't like. The masked head, costume design and paint, accessories... all on point. The unmasked Steve Rodgers head is very well done, though there is a weird flair to the way the hair is designed, but overall, this is an amazing Captain America. The effects that can be plugged into the shield make for an even better experience. As mentioned in my review, small white plugs to fill in the holes would have been great, for displaying the shield without the effects, but still, you can't go wrong adding this Cap to your display!

3) Hasbro Marvel Legends: Amazing Fantasy First Appearance Spider-Man

No, he doesn't have toe articulation, but this is arguably the best Spider-Man that Hasbro has put out this year. I really like both the RYV 2-Pack and Cel Shaded versions, but there is something absolutely classic about this black and red first appearance figure. He even has a web gripping hand! I don't know what I'll do if Hasbro ever puts out a complete package... toe articulation, web gripping, wall climbing, and thwipping hands and a decent webline or two... until then, this is my top Marvel Legend Spider-Man for 2022 and a must add to any Spider-Fan's collection.

2) Medicom Mafex #147 Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars: Spider-Man Black Suit Comic Version.

Hasbro dropped their Retro Series Black Costume Spider-Man earlier this year and though it was well received by collectors, the reaction when this was announced was off the charts. This figure more than lives up to its billing. The blue highlights, so subtle, give the figure depth and the amazing posing options on this body mold allow you to create "leap right off the page" photographs. He's not cheap and if you can find one, certainly grab it!!!

1) Medicom Mafex #161 The Dark Knight Returns Superman

Here it is! My top figure of 2022. Mafex remains the number one company for producing comic book accurate looks to their figures. The Dark Knight Returns line has already gien us a number of amazing Batman figures and when this Superman was announced, I couldn't wait!!! Seeing it in reviews made me even more excited and when mine finally arrived, I couldn't wait to crack it open and start playing. I had so much fun posing this with the Batman figures and re-creating some of the iconic scenes from the comics. Though the Hush version is an incredible Superman, this has become my absolute number one Superman action figure. As an import, we know he's going to be pricier, but the cost is worth it to have a piece like this in your collection. Congratulations, Mafex... two years in a row, you've taken my top spot in the annual countdown. I'm looking forward to 2023 to see if they can hold the number one position!

There you have it, dear friends. Dan's ToyBox Top 15 Figures of 2022. Hope you all have a safe and wonderful New Year this weekend! Thank you so much for helping this website grow so much in our first year. I can't wait to see what 2023 will bring! Until next time... GEEK OUT!!!!!


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