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Dan's ToyBox Top 10 for 2023. (So Far!)

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Well, the first half of 2023 is complete and where are we at with figures? Of the figures I've collected and reviewed so far in 2023, here is Dan's ToyBox Top 10 list. How many of these will remain on the list when the year ends? Make sure you stick with us to find out!!!

I'll save the Honorable Mentions for the actual year end list. Please note that some of these may have had late 2022 release dates (November or December only were included). I elected to include them because I purchased them in January or February of 2023. There is one specific figure that I bought recently, that I wish I'd bought back then because it's so deserving of making the top 10 list. It may show up at year's end though.

Without further ado... let's so who takes my top 10 spots for the first half of 2023.

10) Hasbro Marvel Legends: Retro Spider-Man VHS Two-Pack: Carnage

Carnage received a grade of six ToyBoxes in my review. While, from an objective viewpoint, I'm sticking with that grade, for me personally, the longer I've had it, the more it's grown on me. I like the cleanliness of the lines and the stark red stands out very well amongst the other Spider-foes on my shelf. I'll admit, this is a figure that has a tenuous grip on the 10 spot, can he hang on through the rest of 2023? We'll find out in December!

9) Hasbro Marvel Legends No Way Home: The Amazing Spider-Man

The strongest entry in an otherwise weak three pack, Andrew Garfield's "The Amazing Spider-Man" slips in at number 9 on the list. As this is the only Marvel Legends Garfield Spidey I own, he does have a special place on my shelf, and he really is the best looking of the bunch. He earned the best grade in my review, in spite of his shortcomings. I felt this was the best representation of the three characters we received, and this is, honestly, my favorite big-screen iteration of the costume. (Well, until we get to see more of Tom Holland's "final swing" costume from the end of the movie.)

8) Hasbro Marvel Legends: Retro X-Men: Dark Phoenix

There isn't a day, when I look at this figure that I don't think of the moment I had the original Cyclops/Dark Phoenix two-pack in my hand at Toys R Us... and put it back on the shelf. At least Hasbro was kind enough to put out a retro version of this figure, perhaps they'll do the same for that version of Cyclops at some point. Anyhow Jean's evil persona drops in at number 8 because she's such a vibrant looking figure. I gave her an overall score of 8 because I really like what Hasbro did with the figure, regardless of the usual issues. I think Jean will be safe at the end of the year, but again, we shall see.

7) Hasbro Indiana Jones Adventure Series: Indiana Jones (Raiders of the Lost Ark)

For my first ever six-inch scale Indiana Jones figure, this one isn't terrible. Sure, there are some issues that I outlined in my review, but overall, this is a solid representation of the swashbuckling archaeologist. I've seen accessory packs available that really enhance the figure. Though I haven't ordered one yet, I may do so. Those might help him retain his spot on the list come December, but for now, Indy sits at number seven.

6) Medicom Mafex #171: Wolverine (X-Force vers.)

As I mentioned in the review, I missed out on both the yellow and brown costume Wolverine figures. I decided to grab this one, so that I'd have at least ONE Mafex Wolverine. While I do like this figure, I regret not at least, getting the brown costumed Wolvie. This one had to make the list though because the costume design is super clean and the claws are probably the best I've seen on any Wolverine figure. He's menacing any time, but clad in this stealthy black and gray outfit, he's even scarier. The wonky shoulders kept him out of the top five though, as the more I look at the figure, the less I like the shoulder design.

5) Hasbro Marvel Legends Ultimate Captain America

When I wrote this review, I disagreed with several other reviewers who said this was one of Hasbro's top figures this year. I will admit, now, that I've changed my opinion. After having this figure around for a while and playing around with it, I find that I like it more and more. Aside from the few issues I mentioned in the review, the colors on this figure really pop and he has become a stand-out entry for Hasbro this year!

4) Bandai/Tamashii Nations SHFiguarts: Spider-Man No Way Home: The Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man

When this figure was first announced, I was as thrilled as everyone else. Seeing Tobey Maguire back in the webs in No Way Home was one of the best things about the movie and getting a brand-new version of his figure was the icing on the cake. Aside from the loose leg joint on mine, this figure is a joy to have. I've had a lot of fun posing this guy and taking pictures with him and, though SHF will be releasing the Amazing Spider-Man without an Andrew Garfield unmasked head, I still can't wait to pose these two together. In spite of the joint issues, this is a vastly superior figure to the Hasbro version, recently released. If the leg problem wasn't there, he might have placed higher on this list.

3) Hasbro G.I. Joe Classified Series: Snake Eyes/Timber (V. 2)

Once again, a figure was released that I almost passed on. However, when I saw the popularity that my Commando Snake Eyes/Timber review was garnering, I decided to grab this one. I am very glad I did! This is, to date, my favorite version of Snake Eyes in the Classified line. At first I was a bit put off by the brown/olive pants, but that quickly went away. The articulation and other issues that plagued previous releases has been corrected and though I prefer the paint scheme on the first Timber, this two-pack slammed a 9 out of 10 rating!

2) Medicom Mafex #164: Cyborg Superman

Originally, this figure was slated for a late 2022 release. Reviews, mine included, started popping up in January 2023 when most everyone was finally getting him. I had cancelled my pre-order until a friend told me that this was a figure I needed in my collection. Thankfully, I was able to find one, fairly quickly, and yes... it's worth it! Mafex has developed an unerring capacity for designing figures based on specific stories and making them into exact likenesses. I think this is one of my favorite Superman based figures ever!

Our number two figure is a small tip-off to the number one figure of 2023, so far! Without further ado... here it is!!!

1) Mezco One:12 Collective: Superman, The Man of Steel

For my first ever Mezco purchase, I was blown away! I cannot get over the amazing job that Mezco does with this scale. The fabric costume is phenomenal, the sheer number of head sculpts, and accessories is mind-blowing, and the articulation even in a cloth costume is beyond anything I imagined. This is quite possibly the best Superman figure I've ever owned and it's awfully difficult to not go crazy and start buying more Mezco figures. I am indulging myself with another Mezco pre-order and I can't wait for that one to drop!

As the first half of 2023 comes to a close, there we have my top 10 so far. Would love to hear your comments. If you enjoyed this article, please hit the like button and subscribe to our email list. Until next time... GEEK OUT!!!

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