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Dan's ToyBox Top 25 Favorite Figures!

From my personal collection, I narrowed my list to these top favorites, with a couple of honorable mentions thrown in for good measure. I hope you enjoy my list and I'd love to see yours! Shoot me an email or message on Facebook if you'd like to have shots of your favorites featured in our group or on this website!


The Black Series Beskar Armor Mandalorian: A 50th birthday gift from my daughter and though I'm not collecting as much Star Wars as I used to, this is still an amazing figure and was barely edged out of the top 25.

Transformers Earthrise Series BlueStreak: Though Thundercracker was my first ever Transformer, BlueStreak was my first Autobot and when I saw this figure at Walgreens, I wanted to add him to my collection. The nostalgia value alone makes this one of my all-time favorites.

Hasbro Marvel Legends: Darkhawk: When the comic book was first released, I immediately scooped it up and fell in love with the character. To see him in figure form was a dream come true and though there are certainly improvements that could be made, this is still a sweet figure to have on my shelves.

Let's get this party started!!!

#25: Transformers Earthrise Optimus Prime

Having grown up loving the Transformers it was only a matter of time before I broke down and bought a new Optimus Prime. I was really impressed with the Earthrise series and this Prime is an excellent example of seeing a cartoon figure in three dimensions.

#24: Hasbro Marvel Legends MCU 10th Anniversary Ultron

Avengers: Age of Ultron gets a bit of grief as not being one of the better MCU outings, but James Spader's portrayal of the evil robot Ultron is still one of the best out there. I love the look of this figure and how menacing it is, towering above my other MCU Legends on the display shelf. All in all, just a fun figure for me.

#23: Hasbro Marvel Legends Walgreens Exclusive: The Thing

Benjamin J. Grimm, the ever-loving blue-eyed Thing is the strongest member of the Fantastic Four and when this finally hit stores, I was all over it. I had already purchased the three previous releases and was very excited to see this one released. The wash, sculpting and overall design still makes this the best of all the Thing releases out there and looks really awesome on my display next to his teammates.

#22: Marvel Legends Deadpool/Negasonic Teenage Warhead 2 pack: Deadpool

Everbody's favorite "merc with a mouth" jumps in at number 22 on my favorite figure list. I had the Amazon exclusive "dirty suit" Deadpool which was really just this figure re-painted and though I like it, I really wanted the more screen accurate look of the brighter red, so I snagged the two pack at a reasonable price and I'm very happy that I did. Deadpool stands out among my other MCU figures and yet, fits right in. Hopefully sometime in Phase 4 or 5?!?

#21: Marvel Legends Retro Spider-Man: Symbiote Suit Spider-Man

I was just as excited as the next guy when this figure was announced... updated symbiote suit on the new retro body! Who wouldn't get excited about that? Well, as much as I do like this figure, there are some issues with it... the matte black head, no black dots on the back of his hands, poor leg articulation for splits, but even with all that, the overall look of this figure is still pretty damned sweet and he did crack my top 25 list.

#20: Marvel Legends Walgreens Exclusive: Moon Knight

Marc Spectre/Steven Grant/Jake Lockley... regardless of which personality is in control, Moon Knight is a slick character, and this Walgreens Exclusive is a sweet figure. Yes, the cape does have issues that limit posing and there are plenty of soft goods makers out there that you can get a custom cape from. I haven't yet but that hasn't stopped me from enjoying the heck out of this figure. The pearlescent accents just pop on this figure and the detail is solid!

#19: Marvel Legends Villans: Kang

Kang, the Conqueror has finally made his debut in the MCU, and Hasbro has finally brought us a new Kang figure. It's funny... this is one of the most simplistic figures to date, but it's easily one of their best offerings. The detail, paint scheme and overall look make this one of Hasbro's better Legends. If you are a Legend collector and haven't added Kang to your set, I'd say you are overdue! Jump online and grab yourself a Kang before he skyrockets in price!

#18: Marvel Legends Gamerverse: Miles Morales

Of all the video game figure offerings I've seen thus far, this is, bar none, the best! I wasn't always a big fan of the Miles Morales character, but after playing the PS game, I am hooked. The design and sculpted detail on this figure are incredibly well done. The interchangeable fists and "venom power" hands look fantastic and the paint applications are amazing. I really love the deep red and how well it looks on the black suit. Plus, this figure is exceptionally poseable and fits right in on the Spider-shelf. He is definitely worth grabbing, if you don't already have one.

#17: Marvel Legends Walmart Exclusive "Worthy" Captain America

All right let's face it; the only thing that would have pushed this figure higher on the list... a broken shield. Both SHFiguarts and Medicom Mafex have released versions of this figure with a nearly destroyed shield and they look incredible. I think Hasbro needs to get on the ball, asap. Otherwise, the detail on this figure, the masked and unmasked heads, and Mjolnir in Cap's hand bring back great memories of that pivotal scene in Endgame when we get to see that Steve Rogers is, indeed, worthy of wielding the mighty Mjolnir. I was VERY lucky to find this in the "wild" at Walmart and only pay the retail price. When I finish re-arranging my figures, I'll share shots of the new "Endgame" display with Cap in the forefront of the action.

#16: Medicom Mafex The Dark Knight Returns Batman/Robin Two Pack: Batman (blue version)

If you've read my reviews on Mafex's TDKR figure line, you will know just how much I enjoy each of the offerings I've seen thus far. This Batman leaps above almost all of the rest though, simply for the yellow oval on his chest. Yes, it's a silly little thing, but I grew up with the oval and seeing it so prominent on this figure just takes the cake. The shading detail on the costume, the bright yellows of the utility belt and thigh pouches, the wired cape and amazing posing prowess of this figure just make it an absolute joy to have. I will admit that I wasn't always a fan of Frank Miller's art in the original story, and it took a while to grow on me, but thanks to this wave of figures in general and this one in particular, my appreciation and fondness for "The Dark Knight Returns" has grown exponentially.

#15: Marvel Legends: Stan Lee

The world became a sadder place when Stan Lee left us. His world, created out of a love of storytelling and his iconic cameos in our favorite MCU films will always hold a steadfast place in our hearts. Finding the Marvel Legends Stan Lee at my local FYE filled me with glee. The figure does the man justice and seeing him with his autographed Captain America Shield and chessboard remind me that maybe Stan needs to start making cameos in my articles and photos. Though I don't really pose him much, seeing this figure standing with so many of his famous creations always puts a smile on my face. Thank you, Stan, for allowing us into your wonderful world. Excelsior!

#14: Marvel Legends Deluxe: War Machine

James Rhodes has never looked so good. This deluxe War Machine was worth every cent I paid. The multiple accessories from rockets to blast effects, to the little smoke tendrils curling from his gun barrels, along with the great jet blast effects and amazing Rhodes unmasked head sculpt, complete with retro '90's style haircut makes this truly one of the best Iron Man based figures out there. I'm torn about whether or not to purchase the new retro style War Machine coming out in the Retro Iron Man wave because this figure really covers all bases for me. If you don't have this one, I would definitely jump on the retro wave. I believe it is worth it.

#13: Sentinel SV Action Game Stop Exclusive: Into the Spider-Verse: Miles Morales

If the video game sold me on Miles Morales, the movie "Into the Spider-Verse" solidified my enjoyment of the character. Now, I do have the Mafex version of this figure and honestly, it's inferior to this one. Yes, it has soft goods, but the figure is so delicate, and I've already had a number of issues with the arm and leg joints. The Sentinel version, however, is as solid as they come. Sure, the neck peg could be different and yes, I have not been able to get the unmasked head to pop onto my peg, but the play factor is outstanding. With the clothing accessories you can almost say you're getting two figures for the price of one and this Game Stop Exclusive though expensive, is well worth it!

#12: Hasbro G.I. Joe Classified: Storm Shadow (#35)

When I first laid eyes on Storm Shadow in issue #21 of G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero I was blown away! Here I was, right in the mid-eighties during the ninja craze, seeing this amazing character who was somehow tied to my favorite Joe, Snake Eyes by this mysterious tattoo they both shared. As Storm Shadow appeared in more stories, I couldn't wait for the corresponding action figure to hit stores. Fast Forward to 2022 and I confess to feeling just like that kid again when I saw this figure was being released. There is something wonderful about finding a figure that brings as much joy to an adult as the original did to the child and Storm Shadow fits that bill indeed.

#11: Neca Original Superheroes: The Phantom

As I wrote in my review, I don't have a lot of history with the character but something about this figure really pushed a button inside of me. Of all the figures in my collection, to have one that I've so recently added jump as high as it is says something about the quality and look. I just really like this figure. He's solid to pose, the accessories are fun to change out and, well, his glow in the dark eyes are just plain cool. The Phantom is just a neat figure to have, and I'm still honestly surprised at just how much I enjoy him.

#10: Medicom Mafex: Far From Home Upgraded Suit: Spider-Man

Well, you've stuck with me so far and now, here we are, at the top 10! Coming in at number 10 is the Mafex Far From Home Upgraded Suit Spider-Man. I will admit to being a bit biased when it comes to Mafex, simply because I've always had such good luck with the figures and just love that they come with so much stuff. I know this version didn't get a lot of love from other reviewers, but man, I really love having this figure in my collection. He looks so good posed with my other Mafex Spider-Man figures, but even more so when posed with many of my MCU Marvel Legend figures. I do have the Legends Upgraded suit figures and prefer this over those in a heartbeat. I just like the details poured into this figure. Of all of my life action film Spider-Man figures, this one is the best. (So far!)

#9: Marvel Legends Into the Spider-Verse: Spider-Gwen

It does blow my mind, somewhat, to have Spider-Gwen take such a high position on my list. The figure itself isn't on a new body mold and the articulation isn't particularly spectacular, but there is something fun about this figure. The different head sculpts and the unmasked accuracy to the movie really look incredible. I do have the other Legends Spider-Gwen and though I like it, I suspect that due to how much I enjoyed the movie "Into the Spider-Verse" I have my explanation as to why I like this version that much more.

#8: Hasbro Marvel Legends 20th Anniversary Captain America

I thought that the 80th Anniversary Captain America would always be my favorite Cap figure... that is until Hasbro released their 20th anniversary line. This wave re-creates the original four Toy Biz Marvel Legends: Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, and Toad. Now, I never was able to get my hands on that first Cap, but I did eagerly grab this one and boy am I glad I did. In my review, my only real complaint was the lack of plugs for the holes in the shield if you don't want to display it with the effects. Other than that, though, I love the color scheme on this figure, even the added shading details on his abs and the sculpted chain mail overlay on his tunic. This is MY definitive Captain America and stands proudly at the front of my Avengers display!

#7: Hasbro Marvel Legends: 80th Anniversary Iron Man

The 80th Anniversary Iron Man is the Iron Man I grew up with. This armor design was so prevalent in the comic books that I read as a kid and when this figure hit the shelves, I knew it would be one I had to have. This will always be the definitive look for Iron Man to me and the unmasked Tony Stark head sculpt, coupled with the accessories and painted repulsors on his hands just make this one of the coolest Iron Man figures out there. In fact, this body mold has become the gold standard for Iron Man figures and for good reason. *(It was a toss-up between this figure and the Iron Man 2020, with old shellhead edging out Arno.)

#6: Tamashii Nations SHFiguarts Infinity War Battle on Titan: Dr. Strange

If you are looking for a figure that is jam-packed with accessories, this is the figure to have. I counted a whopping 25 accessories with this figure (I count a pair of hands as one accessory and he has EIGHT pairs!) There really is no limit to what you can do with this figure, other than what you can imagine. The cape is wired and is also affixed to a hinge on his back to increase its Pose ability. If I have one complaint with SHF, it's that they don't scale particularly well with Marvel Legends, which is disappointing. On the plus side, because Thanos is so much larger than humans, this figure DOES look good when posed with the Legends versions of Thanos. All told though, this is a really fun figure loaded with so much great stuff that he had to crack my top 10.

#5: Marvel Legends: Modular Armor Iron Man

Though the 80th anniversary holds a special place in my heart for armor design, the Modular Armor Iron Man is, hands down, the best Marvel Legends Iron Man figure I've ever owned. The articulation, sculpt, paint deco, and overall fun factor make this one of the best Marvel Legends figures ever, for me. This design hit comics in the 90's and paved the way for the multitude of suits we've seen over the years since then. Shellhead has never looked better, and this figure proves it!

#4: Marvel Legends Retro Spider-Man Wave: Spider-Man

For fans of the web slinger, this was the figure we were clamboring for. The new body style vastly increased articulation but still had some issues with the ability to do splits and, oh yeah... WHERE ARE THE WALL CRAWLING HANDS?!? That being said though, as I don't have the traditional "Pizza Spidey" I've been waiting for a good web-head and this one was worth it for me. I know there are some great Marvel Legends figures coming in honor of Spidey's 60th Birthday that will make this Spidey yesterday's news but until then, this is my top Spider-Man Marvel Legend!

#3: Medicom Mafex Ben Reilly; Spectacular Spider-Man

If you happened to see my top 15 Figures of 2021 or Top Christmas Gift list, this Spidey sat atop both of those. For the longest time, this was my absolute favorite action figure... until I managed to get my hands on the top two. This Ben Reilly figure still holds a special place in my collection and actually stays on my dresser in our bedroom. This is one of the best Mafex figures I've seen and I'm hoping that the Black Suit Spider-Man coming this late summer continues to carry the banner. Now, if Medicom would do a Daredevil figure.....

#2: Medicom Mafex: Superman "Hush" Version

This is the one figure that taught me patience is a virtue, where Mafex is concerned. I was very lucky that he was re-released and was able to land one from BBTS. Had I this figure when I drafted those lists mentioned in number 3 above, there is a very real chance Superman would have been in the top slot. This is one of the singularly best Superman figures I've ever seen and just cannot get over how much fun it is to pose and play around with. The incredible work to make it resemble Jim Lee's art from the Batman Hush story is truly something to appreciate. I won't cancel another Mafex pre-order out of frustration again, that's for sure.


Sentinel SV Action: Into the Spider-Verse Peter B. Parker

I mentioned earlier that the Mafex: Far From Home Upgrade Suit Spidey was my favorite live action movie figure, well, this Peter B. Parker is my absolute favorite animated film figure. I could go on and on about how much I enjoy this figure, but I'll just suffice to say that I've had so much fun with this offering from Sentinel that no matter what I am doing, he somehow finds his way next to me when I'm at home. This is really an awesome figure and, thanks to re-release, is available online once again, so if you haven't yet grabbed one, now is your chance! There you have them folks, the top 25 favorites in my personal collection! Thank you for stopping by the ToyBox and until next time... GEEK OUT!!!!


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