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Deadpool Storms the Sunshine State!!

What's up people? Deadpool here. So, the big guy and his hottie took a trip to Florida. Loads of you saw my documentary on 14 parts on Instagram and Facebook, but for those that didn't, here's a happy little chronology detailing my TOTALLY EPIC trip so far!!!

Things started out kinda rough... namely because I couldn't get the $#@#@ zipper closed on the bag... BUT... the hot chick found me and took pity. I think she kinda likes me. She brought me along even though Dan didn't think it was a good idea. Heh... screw that guy! Anyhow... not only did the hot chick bring me along, but she got me some choice seats with this cool bird, Rocket. He's kinda quiet, but he's good company. So, we cruised through Pennsylvania without incident and I decided to explore the truck. Roomy, easy to navigate, found another fun place to camp out in the door. Pretty good view, the music ain't bad and I get to stare at the hot chick. Win Win for Wade!

West Virginia was nice. Stopped at a welcome center... while they were taking pictures, I snuck behind a sign and took a leak. Of course, the big guy can't go ANYWHERE without stopping at a Walmart. He. Left. Me. In. The. Car! If it wasn't for the fact that the hot chick clearly loves me, I'd have ditched 'em and kept going. Evidently he didn't find anything because I'm still hanging out with the quiet bird, but we're back on the road... next stop Virginia. But they won't be for long after Big Papa Wade gets there... hehehehehehe

Well, we hit Virginia, went through two tunnels... not the kind I was expecting and we were out of the state within an hour or so. What a ripoff. I had my hopes set high and we weren't even there long enough for me to put the moves on ANYBODY. That being said... the hot chick keeps checking me out. May have to start laying the charm on her!

After our all too brief visit to Virginia *sigh* we hit North Carolina. Seems like a pretty nice place. Gonna get comfortable and enjoy..... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....

South Carolina was a pretty nice place. We stayed at some dump for the night and the big guy got food poisoning. Hehehehehe... got it from a breakfast sandwich at a stop in Pennsylvania. Serves him right though... but now I gotta listen to him yakking all night. #@#%@#$ How am I supposed to get my beauty sleep with this racket? Hope he feels better though... what am I gonna do if I can't pick on him in Florida? Oh wait... I'll have the hot chick all to myself.

Georgia is on my mind!!!! Yeah baby, wrasslin gators, climbing the signs, looking for sweet Georgia Peaches... mmm mmmmm this is turning out to be a good trip after all! I guess we're only a few hours away at this point. I can dig it. Time to settle in for the last leg. Sweet Beach Bunnies, Papa Wade is coming!!!!

HERE WE ARE!!!! Let the parties begin!!!! We got here and like any good operative, I had to reconnoiter the area. Found a great vantage point in the palm tree and scoped out my prime target zones for maximum efficiency. Found the tiki bar... aaaannnd yep... there are bikinis on the beach. Oh Deadpool you handsome stud, this is a target rich environment!!!

Yeaaahhhh, so the first full day here and I got left in the room. At least today, the big guy finally got me out for some exploring. I immediately made a bee line for the Tiki Bar, where I met my new best bro, Ernie, sampled some local adult pops and got distracted by teenie weenie bikinis. So, far, Florida is going all right. The big guy still hasn't found me a drinking buddy or any female companionship though and that's not frustrating at all.

Found a comfortable palm to rest against. I could get used to this stuff! Catch you guys in a couple of days. They're going shopping tomorrow, hopefully he finds me someone other than myself to talk to. Granted, I'm awesome company, but it's always fun to have someone else to get in trouble with.

DP out for today!!!


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