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E-Rock's Games in a Minute: "The Callisto Protocol"

The Callisto Protocol is a game that plays like a movie. Josh Duhamel stars as pilot Jacob Lee who is imprisoned and finds a way out to battle mutations in different forms. Although the game isn't as long as I was hoping for, it did have alot of fun aspects and moves along. This game was done by the creators of Dead Space which has elements of it but has a feel of the Tomb Raider game with a water scene and two other popular franchises Alien for the isolation and Star Wars for the powers similar to the Force. From beating someone up with a metal object to shooting and using the telekinetic powers, it has fun ways to take down the creatures and interesting ways to die for you and them. An ending that makes you want more. Dealing with the inside of a ship to the outside weather, it has a few

jump-scares. Cinematically, it was really cool with much detail to going through the game and surviving but it is kind of short if you want a longer game. Not much invested into the characters and story streams to slip here and there but worth checking out.

Rating B



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