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E-Rock's Movies in a Minute "Violent Night"

This movie isn't such a Silent Night but as the title says, Violent Night

Let's just say this is a nice cross between these three. Bad Santa meets Die Hard meets Home Alone. David Harbour as the man who delivers presents steals the show in this movie about a Santa who speaks his mind, drinks too much and gets argues with his reindeer. He also knows how to add to the Christmas spirit with some weapon, magic and fighting tactic skills.

The introduction to this movie says it all. You get the dark side of comedy with the action while still keeping the holiday spirit. It felt like a cool movie from the 80's for 2022 with Christmas music through the scenes. John Leguizamo as the bad guy and one liners works. Beverly D'Angelo as the grandma who played Mrs. Griswold from the Lampoon Vacations. From the tree lights, pool balls, ornaments and much more, nothing is off limit for Saint Nick. Great Christmas movie to not bring the kids to unless they are legal age because

Santa Clause is coming to town, to clean house and check off his naughty list.

Rating B+



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