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Hangin' Ten with Rock 'n Roll! Hasbro G.I. Joe Classified (#71) Rock 'n Roll Action Figure Review

Welcome to our latest Dan's ToyBox review. Mrs. ToyBox recently went on a business trip and returned with two surprises for me. Rock 'n Roll and the Retro Card Baroness action figures. You know you're in a good place and have a great marriage when your spouse brings home toys from her trips.

Craig S. McConnel, code named "Rock 'n Roll" is the G.I. Joe Heavy Machine Gunner and a Sergeant (later promoted to Staff Sergeant). Rock 'n Roll was born in Malibu, California. When not blowing things to bits with his M60, Rock 'n Roll loves to surf, lift weights, and play bass guitar. He's a clever, forceful soldier, with a strong sense of loyalty to his team. Rock 'n Roll values honor and integrity above all else and is a fierce warrior, that you can count on having your back.

Rock 'n Roll's primary military specialty is infantry, and his secondary military specialty is PT instructor. He is familiar with all NATO and Warsaw Pact light and heavy machine guns (he often used the M60). He graduated top of his class from advanced infantry training and received specialized education in covert ops school at Langley. In time, Rock 'n Roll moved on from being a machine gunner to a Gatling gunner.

Accessories 9/10

Rock N' Roll comes loaded with accessories that scream versatility. He's equipped with an impressive arsenal, including a heavy machine gun, ammunition box, ammo belt, pistol, radio, removable helmet, and alternate hands; two trigger finger hands, one fist, and one "hang loose" posed hand. The attention to detail on these accessories is superb, with intricate sculpting and realistic paint applications. The ammo box plugs onto the side of the M60 and can also plug into the holes on Rock 'n Roll's belt. The radio also has a plug that can fit into his back, but the problem is the lack of depth in the holes. Unfortunately, these items don't tend to sit very well and fall off his belt fairly easily. Nevertheless, these accessories allow you to create dynamic battle scenes and make Rock N' Roll truly stand out.

Appearance 8/10

This action figure boasts a visually striking design. Rock N' Roll's military attire is faithfully recreated with precision. The color palette is bold, and the paintwork is clean, enhancing the figure's overall appeal. The sculpting on his face captures a determined expression, adding a touch of personality to the character. I'm amazed, actually, at the cleanliness of the paint applications. The flesh tones have a touch of pink to them, which adds more realism and the hair sculpt and paint are tremendous. I really like seeing figures with depth in the hair, rather than a flat paint color. Adding different shades gives more of a real, three-dimensional appearance. The attention to detail on his tattoos and accessory designs are exceptional. I'm very glad that Hasbro has moved away from the old "nerf gun" designs and are basing weapons on actual designs now. Nevertheless, Rock N' Roll's appearance will undoubtedly draw the attention of collectors and fans alike.

Articulation 9/10

One of the highlights of the Hasbro G.I. Joe Classified Series is its remarkable articulation, and Rock N' Roll is no exception. After cracking the box open and posing this figure around, I was hooked. Yes, this is the same articulation we see on the rest of the Joe line, but I was thrilled to have zero issues with this figure. His head looks up and down, and can tilt with the neck, in addition to having "attitude." The shoulders raise to just above a T pose and though limited, the butterfly joints do offer pretty good range. The arms can also rotate a full 360 degrees. The bicep swivel and double-jointed elbows work just fine, with great range for the elbows. The wrists on three of his four hands hinge horizontally, while the right trigger finger hand has a vertical hinge. The upper diaphragm crunch works fine and isn't hindered by his crossed ammunition bandoliers. The lower joint though, can be limited by the floating belt. I was able to move the belt down more onto his hips, which increased the waist movement. The joint doesn't really help with the ab crunch though but can twist and offer some side tilt. The legs work absolutely fantastic! The drop-down hips work like they are supposed to, allowing Rock 'n Roll to get into a deep split and kick forward very high. The thigh cuts work but were a little sticky and can get caught on the holsters and pouch straps. The double-jointed knees bend in very tightly and there is a boot cut that works fine. His ankles hinge downward nicely but are limited coming up and the ankle rocker has great range.

Affordability 7/10

Rock 'n Roll was a gift from Mrs. ToyBox, so he cost me NADA! But that being said, he is available at Walmart for the retail price of $21.99. Again, for what comes with these figures, the level of detail, and the improved articulation, G.I. Joe Classifieds are a steal compared to Marvel Legends. Rock 'n Roll is, easily, worth the price.

Overall, Hasbro's G.I. Joe Classified Series #71: Rock N' Roll is a fantastic addition to any action figure collection. With top-notch accessories, a striking appearance, excellent articulation, and a reasonable price point, this figure ticks many boxes. The minor drawbacks are overshadowed by its overall quality. Rock N' Roll earns a solid

8.5 ToyBoxes out of 10

If you get the chance, grab this powerhouse. He's an excellent addition to any G.I. Joe enthusiast's collection! Until next time... GEEK OUT!!!


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