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Hasbro Marvel Legends: Puff Adder BAF Wave: Iron Man Extremis Armor Action Figure Review

One of the other figures from this particular wave that I wanted, the Iron Man Extremis armor is a sharp looking figure at first glance. It has some good and some bad going for it, which will dive into shortly. Thanks for visiting Dan's ToyBox for our review of the Hasbro Marvel Legends: Iron Man Extremis Armor Action Figure.

"Iron Man: Extremis" is a six-issue comic book storyline published by Marvel Comics in 2005-2006, written by Warren Ellis and illustrated by Adi Granov. It serves as a reboot of the Iron Man mythos and introduces significant changes to the character's origin and abilities. The story follows Tony Stark, the billionaire genius and industrialist behind the Iron Man armor. In "Extremis," Stark is approached by Maya Hansen, a former colleague, who unveils a groundbreaking nanotechnology called Extremis. Extremis is a biological enhancement serum capable of rewriting the human genetic code, granting its users superhuman abilities. Stark becomes involved when a terrorist group called the Extremis Enhanced attempts to weaponize the serum. Witnessing the destructive potential of Extremis, Stark decides to integrate the technology into his own body, pushing the limits of his armor and upgrading his abilities significantly. This new Extremis armor grants him enhanced strength, speed, and the ability to interface directly with computers and networks. With his new powers, Stark sets out to confront the Extremis Enhanced and stop their deadly plans. He faces formidable adversaries, including Mallen, the first successful Extremis subject, who possesses superhuman strength and regenerative abilities. The clash between Iron Man and Mallen is intense, leading to a decisive battle that showcases the true potential of Stark's Extremis enhancements. "Iron Man: Extremis" revitalized the Iron Man character, bringing him into the modern age and redefining his abilities and role within the Marvel Universe. The storyline also explores themes of transhumanism, as Stark's decision to integrate technology into his body blurs the line between man and machine. It is regarded as a seminal arc that laid the foundation for subsequent Iron Man stories and influenced the portrayal of the character in other media, including the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Let's jump into the review, shall we?


The Hasbro Marvel Legends Iron Man Extremis Armor comes with two pairs of interchangeable hands, a pair of fists and a pair of repulsor blast hands, allowing for various posing options. Additionally, it includes blast effects that we've seen numerous times before, that can be attached to the hands or feet. However, the lack of any other unique accessories or additional effects limits the figure's versatility and potential for creative play. While the included accessories are satisfactory, they do not go above and beyond expectations.


The appearance of the Iron Man Extremis Armor is generally impressive. The figure features a sleek and modern design, accurately representing the iconic armor from the comics. The paint application is clean and detailed, with the classic red and gold color scheme capturing the essence of Iron Man. The sculpting of the armor is well-executed, showcasing the intricate mechanical details. However, some minor flaws can be observed, such as occasional paint smudges and inconsistent shading in certain areas. One of Hasbro's "tricks" to simulate metal, the marbling in plastic is present throughout the figure. Normally, I don't mind it but it's inconsistent across the lower torso, lower back, and back of his thighs. If this is going to be Hasbro's "go to" for a metallic look, it should either be over the entire figure, or done away with entirely. Nevertheless, these imperfections are not noticeable at a distance and do not significantly detract from the overall appearance.


When it comes to articulation, the Iron Man Extremis Armor figure has some good points and some negatives. It boasts multiple points of articulation throughout the body, including the head, arms, legs, and torso. Starting at the top, his head will actually look up quite far and all the way down. The side-to-side turn isn't limited, and when tilting the head up or down, gives him a nice head tilt to convey emotion. The shoulders are a bit frustrating. The arms can be raised out to a T pose and the shoulder pieces will lift to accommodate this pose. However, they need to be pushed back down into place. I suspect leaving the arms raised too long will lead to deformity of the shoulder pieces. The arms can rotate a full 360 degrees and the upper bicep swivel works fine. The elbows are double-jointed and can actually bend in fairly deep, in spite of the sculpt and design. The wrists on both pairs of hands rotate and hinge up/down. I'm glad to see the repulsor hands are consistently using the hinges now. The upper torso pivots and can lean back, but there is virtually no forward crunch, which is becoming the standard for Marvel Legends and, honestly, sucks. The legs will actually do great splits, and a nice bonus is that the hip pods rotate up and out of the way, so as not to hinder leg movement. His legs can kick forward 90 degrees, again a nice surprise given the design. There is a hidden thigh swivel that works fine, and the double-jointed knees are limited by the design and sculpt of his calves. The ankles hinge and pivot nicely as we've come to expect from Legends. The joints are sturdy and allow for dynamic poses, enabling collectors to recreate iconic Iron Man action sequences. The figure's joints have a satisfying level of tightness, ensuring that it can maintain poses without constantly falling out of position. The biggest drawback is the limited articulation in the torso, which restricts some twisting and bending motions.


While the Iron Man Extremis Armor figure offers an enjoyable collecting experience, its affordability is a point of concern. I paid $24.95 at Walmart, which is the normal retail price. Given the lack of additional accessories and the occasional quality control issues, the price seems somewhat inflated. This factor might deter some potential buyers who are looking for a more budget-friendly option. It still baffles me how Hasbro can put out a figure with multiple accessories and a figure like this with minimal accessories and charge the same price for both.

Overall, the Hasbro Marvel Legends Iron Man Extremis Armor action figure is a decent addition to any Iron Man fan's collection. It captures the iconic appearance of the Extremis Armor. The included accessories, while satisfactory, leave considerable room for improvement. Additionally, the affordability of the figure is a concern, considering its price relative to its features. Nevertheless, despite these drawbacks, the figure's overall quality and attention to detail make it a worthwhile choice for collectors and fans of the armored Avenger thus earning...

7 out of 10 ToyBoxes

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