Hey there fellow toy fanatics! Hasbro Pulse dropped a lot on us today with Fan First Monday! Very excited to see what they'll be bringing to us this year. Certainly, the big focus will be on the Web Slinger's 60th Anniversary, but in addition to that, Hasbro is rolling out an awesome new Build A Figure Wave that has some fantastic figures! We were teased with some news that there will be new figures from Spider-Man: No Way Home on the way, but at this time they weren't prepared to share anything further. Naturally, I'm speculating (as is every other collector on the face of the Earth) that we'll see both Tobey and Andrew, Goblin, Doc Ock, Shocker, and Sandman, with possibly the Lizard as the BAF. Guess we will just have to wait and see, huh?

Right out of the gate, Ryan, Dwight, and Dan dropped some awesome news for Spider-Man Fans. This made me very happy as I do not yet have any versions of this figure in my collection. Coming as a Fan Channel exclusive, available for pre-order on Tuesday 2/22/22 at 1pm EST is the Retro Spider-Man: RHINO!!! and he looks absolutely FANTASTIC!!! Rhino comes with two pairs of hands (fisted and grasping) and two head sculpts (snarling and grumpy). I will definitely be hitting Pulse tomorrow to jump on this order!

Next up, we were treated to a digital rendering of the new Future Foundation Stealth Suit Spider-Man. This costume is the inverted design for the white FF Spidey-suit and it looks amazing! The articulation looks like it will be fairly awesome on this figure. Release is slated for the later part of the year.

The next tease dropped features the Disney+ What If...? second series. As previously revealed, Hawkeye and Kate Bishop will also be released with this wave, but the really cool news was on the Build A Figure... the Infinity Ultron. He looks incredible and deadly! I'm very hyped for this wave as I've really enjoyed the first!

On the heels of the very successful launch of the initial three X-Men '97 figures. Ryan, Dwight and Dan treated us to images of the newest figure to join this line: STORM!!! She looks amazing and where the previous Legends release had more of a pearl sheen to her costume, this Storm is a very bright white, with detailing throughout, including on her cape. The hair sculpt is new and is very reminiscent of her appearance in the cartoon. She will also be available for pre-order on Hasbro Pulse on Tuesday 2/22 at 1pm EST and later on Shop Disney.

Probably the biggest news, for me, today was the announcement of the next Build A Figure wave: The Controller BAF. There are seven figures in this wave, plus the parts to build The Controller. I'm excited for this line as we're seeing some awesome new sculpts, characters being rolled out for the first time, and a neat "two in one" style figure! This entire wave will be available for pre-order from Hasbro Pulse on Tuesday 2/22/22 at 1pm EST.

The seven figures in this wave are: the Alex Ross inspired Iron Man Model 70, U.S. Agent (updated/comic accurate), Madame Hydra, Speedball, Thor, Quake (with swappable hands and head to create Maria Hill) and the first ever appearance of Blue Marvel. Each of these figures really appear quite remarkable. The Controller is built using some of the parts from the Deluxe Thanos figure, which gives you an idea of its scale, compared to the rest of the line. Personally, I'm definitely excited for Iron Man, U.S. Agent, and Quake. That being said, I know I'll be getting the entire line to also add The Controller to my collection.

Of course, at the end, they reminded us that Moon Knight will be premiering on Disney+ in March and there will be a line of figures to tie into that series. Additionally, our tease at the end was a small laboratory flask/beaker... wonder who that might belong to?