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Hasbro, why do you hate us?

Recently, Hasbro released images of their upcoming PS5 Spider-Man 2 Videogame action figure release. The new Spider-Man is available for pre-order, on sites such as BBTS. While there are a number of new Legends coming this year, this particular Spider-Man has finally convinced me that the staff at Hasbro has finally lost their collective minds. I wasn't sure up until this point and I honestly didn't want to believe it, but the truth is there. Hasbro has completely gone insane and finally begun demonstrating the contempt they have for their target audience.

Initially, when I first saw this, I was pretty excited. I love the design of this costume and it really grew on me when I played the first Spider-Man game for PS4. I have the first iteration of this figure and though I have some issues with it, overall, I do enjoy it. Then, this figure was revealed and upon first glance, my excitement started to wane. I'm not a fan of the shade of blue on this figure as I don't really think it is accurate to the game. This looks to be more of a washed over blue gray, very dull and flat. But even that wasn't enough to dampen my enthusiasm significantly.

I started to look through the accompanying pictures of the release and discovered that we are getting a lot of web accessories this time! Yay!!! Right?!? Wrong... we're getting the same old, same old that we've seen so many times before, including the two ridiculous web "splats" that don't really do much of anything. Sure, the web pieces that fit over shoulders and faces are pretty cool, but they're relatively small. Well, what about the web-line? Once again, we are treated to the same old line with the triangle "handle." Surely though, this will come with a web gripping hand, like the Amazing Fantasy First Appearance, right? Hmmm, funny you should ask... this Spider-Man comes with a whopping FOUR hands, total. One pair of fists, ONE thwip hand and ONE wall crawling hand. None of these features the web gripping option. The last time I checked, Hasbro used to actually package the hands in PAIRS. Two thwips, two fists, two wall crawlers. Maybe, just maybe, they thought we'd forgive them because they ever so graciously gave us a bunch of garbage webbing. I have been growing increasingly disappointed with Hasbro. The nonsense over windowless packaging, which has led to increased frustration with buyers NOT getting the figures they think they are. Even careful scrutiny of the tape isn't enough to guarantee that we are actually getting what is pictured on the outside of the package.

However, as if this wasn't enough, Hasbro has also decided to sacrifice quality for both quantity and revenue. The new Vulcan Body Mold was supposed to be an improvement over the previous bucks, yet the gains are really minimal. Butterfly joints are rendered relatively useless as the connecting pins are too long and restrict the movement of the joint. The lack of consistency, even in the Spider-Man figures is a source of both amusement and annoyance. The Renew Your Vows Spider-Man was supposed to boast some of the best articulation available and even came with TOE articulation, but subsequent Spider-Man releases lack that detail. The AF first appearance was probably the best articulated Spider-Man figure we've received, so much to the point that the same figure was re-painted for the Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends three pack. (Of note, the web wings still don't look good, even on the red and blue figure.) Yet even this figure lacked toe articulation, which would have been a nice touch. The truth is, Hasbro has been gradually sticking it to the adult collector for a long time. Now, though, they've even given up the pretense of acting like they care about the customer. Why do I say this? Quite simply, pricing. I get that things in our world have vastly changed over the last couple of years and that prices on everything have increased.

Hasbro, however, has no rhyme or reason for the pricing structure they roll out for Marvel Legends. Figures can range from $22.99 to $27.99 for NON-Deluxe and over $30 for Deluxe offerings. Here is where we finally acknowledge and conclude that Hasbro has sailed completely off the deep end. The new Spider-Man 2 Figure is retailing online for over $35. Yes, you read that correctly. This figure, with incomplete sets of hands and multiple useless webs is priced the same as a Deluxe figure. There is NOTHING new about this offering that justifies that high a price. I cannot, for the life of me, figure out what makes this figure $10 more than the new X-Men wave featuring the likes of Cyclops, Corsair, Fang, Emma Frost, Chamber, or Kid Omega. All of which retail at $25.99. Then, we have McFarlane Toys. They turn out figures which are, on scale, bigger than Marvel Legends, yet are priced at $19.99 each. Now, Dan, you might say, McFarlane doesn't pack as many accessories, of course they'll be less expensive. I say... HOGWASH! If one or two pairs of extra hands costs that much extra then at least be CONSISTENT in pricing. I thought, erroneously, that Hasbro had finally reached a stable price point. In fact, the only price point they care about is the one that gouges their customers the most. The painful fact in this is that, at this time, they are the only gig in town that allows us to get so many different characters. Which means, they know they hold collectors captive and there really is very little we can do about it... IF we wish to keep collecting Marvel Legends. The bulk of my reviews consist of Legends because for a long, long time they were my favorite toy line. I also promised my wife that I'd keep what I collect under control and not go crazy buying so many different types or lines of toys. I have been purchasing imports more frequently, because while the price point is much higher, the quality and quantity of accessories is also significantly better. I would be lying if I told you I was done with Marvel Legends, but I will say this... I am going to be considerably more selective in what I buy from that line, moving forward. Hopefully, expanding to different companies, while still keeping with my favorite superhero characters will allow me to bring you interesting content that you find enjoyable and helpful. I truly hope that someone from Hasbro happens to see this column. I'm NOT going to hold my breath that it will make any difference, but maybe... just maybe... if enough collectors decide to join me in speaking up, Hasbo just might have to listen.

Thank you for taking some time out of your day to stop by Dan's ToyBox. I am grateful for all of my readers, and I think YOU all are the best! Until next time... GEEK OUT!!!

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