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Jurassic World CAPTIVZ Hatchlings Buildable Dinos Review

Once again, I am excited to give a big shout out of thanks to my friends Rachel and Sheena from Playwise Partners! They hooked me up with the new Hatchlings from Toymonster International's Jurassic World Buildable Dinos line. As much as I enjoyed the previous Build and Battle Dinosaurs, these are even more fun!

The Hatchlings are mischievous little dinos that hide their clever capacity for mayhem behind incredibly cute little innocent faces. Don't be fooled though, these little guys will steal your sandwich while they're also stealing your heart! Based on the dinosaurs modeled in Jurassic World, the Hatchlings combine ferocity with charm and adorable designs. I couldn't get over just how well detailed the original dinos I received were and these little guys more than met that challenge.

The paint applications on the Hatchlings are, in my opinion, even better than the Build and Battle dinos. While those were sculpted with an eye toward replicating the movie appearances, these are designed to be more playful and kid friendly. What makes this so impressive though is that the attention to detail on each of these is even more exacting than their previous offerings. Where I found some paint issues on the others, these paint applications are clean, they flow in entirety along the bodies of each of the Hatchlings, and there is no discernable paint slop or overspray that I could see. Both velociraptors are based on Blue and Delta from the movies and even though they are designed to be "cute" really do bear a great resemblance in detailed appearance to their movie counterparts. The Indominus Rex is adorably terrifying with its bright red eyes and fierce open mouth. Even more impressive though is the wash over the small figure! I could break down each of the little figures I received, but instead, I'm going to just share their pictures so you can see just how amazing they really are.


I just cannot get over how much detail is packed into something so small. My hat is off to the sculptors and designers at Toymonster. These are even more vibrant and fun than the Build and Battle sets. PLUS, the one feature I am the happiest about is that the slime that is packed with them is also in its own little pouch. I was so relieved when I cracked open my first egg and didn't have slime leaking out all over the place. Personally, I think that all of their future offerings should be packed this way, as it makes the experience more fun for not just the kids but for their parents and adult collectors as well. I didn't expect to like the Hatchlings as much as I did the first samples I received and am very happy to say that I like them even more!!! Toymonster International crushes it with the Jurassic World CAPTIVZ Hatchlings line and earns a solidly spectacular:

10 out of 10 ToyBoxes.

These little collectibles are so much fun that not only does my 4-year-old granddaughter love them, but my 78-year-old mother has asked for a couple to have on her nightstand. Toymonster International has definitely hit on a good thing with the CAPTIVZ line and I'm really glad to be able to review them! Until next time... GEEK OUT!!!!


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