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Let's Discuss: Hasbro Marvel Legends Spider-Man 2 (secretly No Way Home) Doctor Octopus Action Figure

Hey there, thanks for checking out our latest dive into action figure reviewing. Today's discussion is focused on the Hasbro Marvel Legends Doctor Octopus from Spider-Man 2 (Though, in reality it's based on his appearance in No Way Home... but licensing or some such.) Anyhow, I have to say this is one of the better Doc Ock figures we've seen in a long time. There is a tremendous amount of detail packed into this figure which makes up for the few shortcomings I've found.

Spider-Man, No Way Home brings back a bevy of favorite and beloved Spider-Man movie characters. The action-packed film opens the multiverse, introducing Tom Holland's Spider-Man to alternate universe versions of himself. Tobey Maguire returns to his inimitable role as the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, and Andrew Garfield dons the red and blue of the Amazing Spider-Man. Unfortunately, the same spell which opened the multiverse to our heroes also brings a number of their villains along for the ride. Alfred Molina reprises his role as the fearsome Doctor Otto Octavius, a.k.a: Doctor Octopus. During their initial encounter, while Ock has Spidey pinned against a bridge support, his limbs absorb some of Spider-Man's nanotech Iron Spider costume, which allows the webslinger to take control of the arms! As Spider-Man works feverishly to cure the villains of their insanities, he is betrayed by Norman Osborne and Max Dillon. However, he is able to repair the cybernetic controls of Ock's limbs, returning Doctor Octavius to his senses and gaining an unlikely ally in the final battle. Though two years removed from its release, Spider-Man, No Way Home remains a favorite of mine and in spite of repeated viewings, doesn't get old for me. While Hasbro has had some bumps along the way with this line of figures, my initial reaction to this Doc Ock was pure joy. Let's discuss the newest addition to the Spider-Man, No Way Home Marvel Legends line.

Accessories (8/10)

The Hasbro Marvel Legends Doctor Octopus figure comes with an impressive array of accessories, particularly the multiple sets of pinchers for the tentacles. Each set is meticulously detailed and can be easily attached to the figure. The additional hands, including a pair of fists and a pair of item-holding hands, add versatility to pose the figure in various dynamic ways. The attention to detail on each accessory elevates the overall play and display options for collectors. What I found most enjoyable about the pinchers is that there is a set that is articulated, a "clawed" set, and a flat set which can be used as a base to elevate the figure. It takes a little bit of work, to get him balanced, but once you do... the payoff is stellar.

Perhaps the only addition would have been something to actually put in his hands? But, overall, there's really not much else he needs and the fact that the pinchers are interchangeable is pretty solid for Hasbro.

Appearance (9/10)

Based on his appearance in the movie "Spider-Man: No Way Home," Doctor Octopus is stunningly recreated in action figure form. The sculpt captures the intricate design of his film look, with the paint applications bringing out the subtle nuances of both coats, his glasses, and such details as buttons and zippers. The figure's facial expression is well-crafted, conveying the intensity and menace that Alfred Molina brought to the role in the film. The attention to detail in replicating the on-screen look is commendable, though some areas, such as the floating harness for the arms, could benefit from slightly more intricate paintwork. The arms themselves are detailed quite thoroughly and look absolutely impressive. As I looked at the overall figure, very closely, I was actually surprised at the amount of sculpted detail on it. His black shirt has a lot of texture to it, including wrinkles and creases. What really caught my eye was the fact that the brown duster underneath his overcoat is also detailed, with pockets sculpted into it as well as panel lines. That's quite a bit of work for something that most of us aren't going to really be looking at. Hasbro has done an exemplary job with re-creating screen accurate looks in this wave of figures and I have to say that, for me, Doc Ock comes in a very close second to the Green Goblin figure as best looking in this wave.

Articulation (7/10)

This is, honestly, the hardest part of the review because the potential is there, but the execution is rather lacking. Starting at the top... his head turns easily, side to side and can look up and down, but is limited in both. The shoulders aren't hindered by the coat and can raise out to a T pose, along with full 360-degree rotation. The bicep swivel works fine, but his elbow is only single jointed. Amazingly though, it bends in well past 90 degrees. The floating harness doesn't really hinder his torso movement, but that's because he only has, what I'm assuming is a ball joint at the waist. He can turn and does have limited crunch and side tilt, but the long coats are a big hindrance here. His legs do not split very well, again, due to the coat. I suspect without the coat; they'd move fairly well. They can kick forward decently, but not as high as I'd like. There are thigh cuts, which work fine. His knees are double-jointed and can bend deeply, even with the coat. However, mine were stuck at the top joint and needed to be heated up to start functioning. His ankles are fantastic. The sculpt of his pants cuffs doesn't hinder the ankles in any way, which means we get fantastic hinge range and superb ankle pivot! Now comes the best and worst feature of the figure. So, right out of the gate, the tentacles are actually anchored into the figure, which is great. There's no plugging them in and having them potentially flop and fall out. They have bendy wire running through them, which should always be a standard where the tentacles are concerned. HOWEVER, the design and sculpt of the tentacles is very thick, which makes bending them exceptionally difficult. What this also means is that they are very sturdy and can easily support the weight of the figure. I'm torn over possibly heating them a bit to see if I can increase the flexibility or not. On the one hand, I love the sturdiness, which allows him to hold other characters off the ground, but on the other, I'm kind of concerned that they could pull out of the body through repeated "hard handling" in order to bend them. If anybody has warmed them to try and soften the tentacles, let me know your level of success.

Affordability (6/10)

Considering the quality of the sculpt, paint applications, and the variety of tentacle pincher accessories, the Marvel Legends Doctor Octopus figure offers reasonable value for it's price. The fact that Hasbro considers this to be a "Deluxe" figure... well, on one hand, I can see it because of the extra work that went into the tentacles, but on the other... aside from the three pairs of pinchers, the extra hands are really nothing different than we'd get with anything else. I'm actually torn on this rating, honestly, because $39.99 is a bit steep for bendy tentacles, but this is actually one of the better figures, in terms of design and appearance. I'll drop it at just above average for price. At least Hasbro is attempting consistency with their pricing, unlike the nonsense that McFarlane is dropping now.

Overall, the Hasbro Marvel Legends Doctor Octopus figure is a fantastic addition to any action figure collection. With its impressive accessories, detailed appearance based on the "Spider-Man: No Way Home" movie, decent articulation, and reasonable affordability, it stands out as a must-have for fans of the character and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. If the tentacles were a bit easier to manipulate and the price was maybe $5 less, the score would definitely have gone up. But still, with that, we are proud to give it:

8 out of 10 ToyBoxes

It's a solid figure and has the potential to bring a lot of fun to your Spider-Man MCU shelf! If you can find one, definitely grab it! Thank you, as always, and until next time... GEEK OUT!!!

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