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Let's Discuss: Hasbro Marvel Legends: Spider-Man: No Way Home Green Goblin Action Figure

Hard to believe it's 2024 and in just over a month, we'll be celebrating two years of bringing you our thoughts and opinions on action figures and the hobby! Let's start the year off with a bang as Dan's ToyBox takes a look at the Hasbro Marvel Legends Spider-Man, No Way Home Green Goblin action figure.

Spider-Man, No Way Home brings back a bevy of favorite and beloved Spider-Man movie characters. The action-packed film opens the multiverse, introducing Tom Holland's Spider-Man to alternate universe versions of himself. Tobey Maguire returns to his inimitable role as the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, and Andrew Garfield dons the red and blue of the Amazing Spider-Man. Unfortunately, the same spell which opened the multiverse to our heroes also brings a number of their villains along for the ride. Willem Dafoe reprises his role as the insane Green Goblin, who brings his usual brand of chaos into Spidey's life and during one battle, fatally wounds Peter's Aunt May. Though two years removed from its release, Spider-Man, No Way Home remains a favorite of mine and in spite of repeated viewings, doesn't get old for me. While Hasbro has had some bumps along the way with this line of figures, my initial reaction to this Green Goblin was pure joy. Let's discuss the newest addition to the Spider-Man, No Way Home Marvel Legends line.


Considered to be a "deluxe" figure, I would have expected the Goblin to come with a bit more. He is packaged with a small pumpkin bomb, a masked head sculpt, an unmasked head, removeable goggles, and a removeable hood. He also comes with his Goblin Glider and a nice display stand. However, the stand is a bit stubborn to get into the glider, you may need to hit it with a little bit of heat. I'm disappointed that he didn't have additional hand sculpts. Another fist and another open hand to hold the pumpkin bomb would have been nice. That being said, the glider is a very nice accessory to have and is very nicely put together. I think that my favorite feature are the removable foot pegs. You can plug his feet into the foot stands and then plug them into the glider. It definitely makes getting the display set up much easier. I'll discuss the glider in both the appearance and articulation sections in further detail.


Right off the bat... this is an absolutely fantastic figure to look at. With all of the details both sculpted and painted, there is a lot to take in. Hasbro has done an outstanding job in capturing the Green Goblin's appearance from Spider-Man: No Way Home. The sculpt is meticulous, showcasing intricate details in the Goblin's armor, facial expression, and even the folds of his torn hoodie. The paint applications are clean, with vibrant colors that bring the character to life. Once again, Hasbro hits the photo-realism hard with an excellent likeness of Willem Dafoe, right down to the gap-tooth. I think what most impressed me was the outstanding paint applications on all of the "greeblys" on his suit. There is an amazing amount of painted detail with golds, silvers, and gunmetal gray highlighting various sections of the armor. The Glider is also very nicely detailed with clean paint applications, including the bright green of the thruster nozzles. Of course, without the amazing sculpting, the paint can only go so far. There really aren't many places on this figure that lack sculpted detail and that's impressive. Overall, I have to admit, this is one of the better-looking figures that Hasbro has put out this year, especially in the Spider-Man NWH wave. If Hasbro can maintain this kind of consistency going forward, I think collectors are going to be in for some real treats.

Articulation 7/10

While the figure offers decent articulation, allowing for various dynamic poses, some limitations hinder its full potential. The range of motion in the hip joints could be improved to achieve more natural and fluid poses. Additionally, the shoulder articulation, while functional, feels a bit restricted, limiting the figure's ability to recreate certain iconic Goblin poses from the movie. That being said, without the hood, his head will move easily enough and can look down reasonably well but is limited when looking upward. The masked head also has the same limitations. The shoulders will raise out to an acceptable T pose and can rotate, but there is no butterfly motion. The bicep cut works just fine and the double-jointed elbows can bend all the way in. The wrists will hinge and pivot nicely, which would have made having extra hands that much better. His torso joint is very limited, and with the torn hoodie in place, is even harder to get a crunch out of. However, it will turn nicely, and the free-floating belt/harness moves with it. There is no waist swivel. The legs can split out to just past 45 degrees and can kick forward reasonably well. There is an upper thigh cut which is very similar to the SHFiguarts design and works fine. The knees have double joints and can bend in fairly solidly, given the design. The ankles have beautiful pivot and hinge, which helps to work in conjunction with the glider stirrups. The glider itself is hinged, allowing both "wings" to rotate down and the stirrups are set on hinges, allowing the figure to stay in place. The added articulation to the glider helps boost the overall score for this category.

Affordability 7/10

Considering the deluxe nature of this Green Goblin figure and the size of the glider, the price point is reasonable. Collectors will appreciate the value for money, especially given the attention to detail in the sculpt and the inclusion of various accessories. However, for more casual fans or those on a tighter budget, the deluxe features may make it less accessible.


The Hasbro Marvel Legends Spider-Man: No Way Home Green Goblin Deluxe Action Figure is a solid addition to any action figure collection. With impressive accessories, a highly detailed appearance, and good overall affordability, it stands out. While the articulation could be more refined, especially in certain joints, the figure succeeds in capturing the essence of the Green Goblin character as seen in the recent Spider-Man film. Stormin' Norman thusly earns a solid:

8 out of 10 ToyBoxes.

Whether you're a Spider-Man fan or a general action figure enthusiast, this Green Goblin figure is a worthwhile addition to your collection. Thank you, as always, for visiting Dan's ToyBox and until next time... GEEK OUT!!!

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