Marvel Legends RETRO REVIEW: Sauron Build A Figure Wave: Lady Deadpool

Hey readers! We're back with another "Retro Review" of an older figure, though she is new to me. As you know, Dan's ToyBox is currently on vacation in Daytona Beach and Deadpool has been along for the ride. While out for the afternoon I stumbled across the lovely Wanda Wilson and knew that she'd be a perfect traveling companion for the Merc with a Mouth. To my dismay, they somehow managed to get married... but that's a story for another time. Anyhow, Dan's ToyBox is pretty geeked to bring you our take on Lady Deadpool!

"Ooooh... look at me... I'm gorgeous... ehh... why is my dialog in pink? I'm not Gwenpool!"

No... but it's easier to differentiate... why am I explaining myself to a toy?

"I don't want to be in pink. Fix this."

*Sigh* Look... just for this one, ok... "Fine"

Wanda Wilson, a.k.a. Lady Deadpool is Wade Wilson's female counterpart from Earth-3010. Feeling unwanted or needed, Wanda found herself aligning with a group of rebels fighting against loyalists to the United States. As Wanda explains it, a group of fascists had imposed their will on the U.S. Government, turning against the people, causing fighting within Congress, leading several military leaders to take sides and causing many states to declare their independence. Wanda joined the rebels and soon found herself fighting against General America. During this fight, Deadpool himself teleports in and helps turn the tide of battle, then sweet talks Wanda into joining him and together they leave her universe. Lady Deadpool would find herself in many adventures with the Deadpool Corps and ultimately dying in the Deadpool Kills Deadpool storyline. Wanda Wilson was created by Victor Gischler and Rob Liefeld and first appeared in Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth #7, January, 2010. You can read more about Wanda's adventures and history in the Deadpool comics and at

For our regular readers, please feel free to scroll on down to the review. If you are a new reader, Dan's ToyBox discusses four different categories: Accessories, Appearance, Articulation, and Affordability after which we give the figure a score of zero (worst) to five (best) Toyboxes. So, with all of that said, let's jump into Lady Deadpool.

"Easy there, buddy... that's MY wife you're talking about!!!"

"You tell 'em, Wade baby!"

Lady Deadpool is pat of the Sauron Build A Figure Wave in 2018, thus she comes with one of Sauron's legs. As far as her own accessories, Wanda has her two Katana and an alternate partly masked head sculpt wearing a helicopter beanie. I swapped the heads out, but had some trouble getting the beanie head onto the peg and was concerned about breaking the propellers so I didn't force the issue. Given that newer figures at times, seem to come with even less than this, I can't complain about the accessories packed. I like the swords and the alternate head enough that I'll give Lady-D an A for Accessories.

"What a SMOKESHOW!!!" "Oh Wade... you make me blush, baby!"

Getting into our next category, let's discuss Lady Deadpool's appearance.

"She's Gorgeous... what else do you need to say?"

Anyway... We've seen this body mold multiple times over and it's solid, for it's time. The slender female mold and curves look terrific and getting into the details, she is a solid representation of the character. The long blonde hair sculpt is fantastic, it's flexible and doesn't hinder head movement and there looks to be a wash, giving the sculpt the illusion of depth. The red mold is brilliant and consistent across the body, with the black paint applications solid and neatly applied. I like the fact that one eye is squinting and the other is a bit wider open, typical of Deadpool's facial expressions. The belt, harness, and leg pouches are a solid brown without any other paint detail, except for the black and silver belt buckle. Her katanas are silver, with red handles and the alternate head is very nicely done, with some excellent sculpting on the unmasked portion of her face. My favorite part of that piece is the beanie propeller which is a nice gunmetal gray and the black chinstrap which is sculpted in and painted very well. To be honest... rather than putting this head on the body, I think he'll be my shelf rendition of Headpool. This is a very simple figure but the details on it are applied very nicely and I like it. I'll give her an A for Appearance.

As this is the atypical female body mold for Marvel Legends, we are very familiar with the articulation and limitations. Lady-D's head will look down to a degree and up as well. It turns easily enough and has some head tilt. Her shoulders raise to better than 90 degrees and will rotate a full 360. There is no upper bicep swivel, but her single jointed elbows will swivel and only bend to approximately 90 degrees also. Her wrists do swivel and hinge easily enough as well. She has an upper diaphragm tilt and swivel, with a bit of crunch forward and backward. There is no waist swivel and her legs will split to maybe 45 degrees. They do kick forward very far, but not back at all, thanks to her ample bottom. Her upper thigh cut works well enough and her double jointed knees bend in very nicely. Of course, she has that generous Legend ankle hinge and pivot. I had to work at loosening up her joints though and this mold has always been somewhat limited in its functionality. It's decent, but the range of motion should be better. I'll give her an A- for Articulation.

Lastly, the price I paid for this figure was probably the same as it originally retailed for. I found it at a small comic shop in Daytona for $19.99 which was about what Legends were retailing for back in 2018. For that alone, I'll definitely say this is worth the price! The figure is available online at Amazon for $24.99 which is right in the ball park for Legends today. Lady-D gets an A for Affordability. When taking all of these into consideration, Lady Deadpool is a solid, if unspectacular figure but looks great with my SHF Deadpool. I wish the articulation was a bit better and there was maybe just a bit more detail applied to the belt, shoulder harness, and leg pouches so I'll give her an overall:

3 toyboxes out of 5

"Only THREE?!? What's wrong with you? You Bozo!! Whaddya know about reviewing beautiful goddesses like my Wanda anyhow? I get my hands on you..."

"Here's one of my swords, Wade baby! Let's get him!!!"

Uhmmm... you do realize that doesn't hurt me, right? Those are just plastic...

As always, thank you so much for stopping by Dan's ToyBox. Check back for our next review, when we discuss the McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse Reverse Flash Action Figure, until then... GEEK OUT!!!