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Marvel Legends Retro Style Lady Loki Action Figure Review

Hasbro rolls out another amazing Retro Style figure with the Lady Loki version of the nefarious Trickster God. Dan's ToyBox didn't even know this figure was coming and was very pleasantly surprised when I, quite honestly, stumbled across her at a local GameStop. I don't know if this is an exclusive, so if anybody has knowledge on that, please shoot me a message and let me know.

According to comic book history, Lady Loki first appeared during 2008's Avengers Disassembled storyline. Two years after Ragnarok, Thor journeys to a small town in Oklahoma, looking for the relocated Asgard, and the newly reincarnated Asgardians. Much to Thor's shock and surprise he finds Loki... but this Loki is his... SISTER?!? It seems the Trickster God had stolen the body intended for the Lady Sif, thus was born Lady Loki.

Today we get to take a good look at a really sharp figure. As always, Dan's ToyBox will look at the Four A's; Accessories, Appearance, Articulation, and Affordability. After reviewing these categories, we will give the figure an overall grade of 1 to 5 Toyboxes, with one being the worst and five being the best. For as nice as this figure is, unfortunately, our first look at the Accessories portion is very disappointing. Lady Loki comes with one pair of fists and one pair of spell casting hands. Nothing else. The cape is removable, but I don't necessarily consider it an accessory per se. Sorry, Loki, the trick is on you this time. No "A" for Accessories.

What this figure lacks in extras, it more than makes up for in appearance. This is one of the best-looking Marvel Legends figures I've seen. The sculpting, paint apps, proportions, and design overall is absolutely stunning. The facial features are absolutely beautiful, and the paint applications are so precise in detail that I'm utterly blown away by them. There are gold baubles placed throughout her hair, very akin to the design in the comic books. The different shades of green applied to her body suit are so seamlessly applied that the lighter green highlights look perfectly blended. The dark gold cloak, boots, and trim highlight the figure and the dark brown belt and boot trim offset the color scheme nicely. Her dark hair is sculpted really well and as mentioned before, her facial paint appliques are likely the best I've seen on a female Marvel Figure. Words really fail me on how gorgeous this figure really is, so I'll let you make your own judgement by viewing the pictures in the post. This figure earns a solid A+ for Appearance!

Without her cape, Lady Loki has much better range of motion in her articulation, so let's run through that. Lady Loki's head will easily turn side to side, but the stiffness of her hair prevents any up and down head tilt. With the cloak in place, her head will turn very little. Her shoulders will raise out in a nice T Pose and will rotate 360 without the cloak in place. She has a nice bicep swivel but unfortunately only single jointed elbows (yes, we've seen this body mold far too many times before.) and both sets of hands will pivot and hinge. Lady Loki does have an upper body joint which will turn side to side but has limited crunch and side to side tilt. There is no waist swivel, sadly, and her ability to do splits is very poor as her legs won't go much beyond 45 degrees. Thankfully, her legs will kick forward very high, but due to her *ahem* backside curves, her legs won't kick back at all. Her upper thigh cuts work nicely on both legs and the double-jointed knees will bend in deeply. Of course, Lady Loki has that generous Legends ankle pivot and can hinge up and down very well. The largest disappointment for me is that this figure looks amazing with the cloak on, but to take full advantage of her fairly limited articulation, you have to remove the cloak. This is a tough grade for me to give because, subjectively, I really do like this figure, and she looks incredible when posed alongside my other comic-based Marvel Legends. However, objectively, I'd like more universal posability with the cloak on. Overall, based only on motion, I'll give her an A- due to the limited upper torso movement and the restrictions caused by the cloak.

What really stunned me... was the price. Every other Retro figure I've seen in the "wild" has been upwards of $26 but this one actually was on the peg at the surprise list price of $23.99. I know that there are other Legends figures packed with more accessories for the same price or one dollar less, but to find a Retro packaged figure for this price is a very pleasant surprise. I'm happy to give her an A for Affordability.

After taking each category into consideration, for me the two saving graces for the figure are her appearance and price point. This is one of my favorite figures, based on appearance alone and the dollar value is great, for what you get. I was disappointed in the accessories, or lack thereof, and the articulation limitations, sadly, bring the overall grade down. To that end, I'm giving the Marvel Legends Retro Lady Loki figure 3.5 ToyBoxes out of 5.

Thank you for stopping by Dan's ToyBox for another of our Action Figure reviews. Until next time... GEEK OUT!!!


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