Marvel Legends Spider-Man Retro Wave Hammerhead Action Figure Review.

Dan's ToyBox newest review takes us into New York City's underworld and the deadly mobster: Hammerhead! Part of the Marvel Legends Spider-Man Retro Wave, this figure comes packaged in the retro card style based on the '90's Spider-Man cartoon. Hammerhead is a pretty basic figure, so the question we must ask then: Is there enough good going on to warrant having him in your display?

Joseph (last name unknown) started out his life of crime as a junior hitman, working for The Maggia. After a fight that left him lying in an alley with a cracked skull, Jonas Harrow discovered the unconscious hit man and operated on him. Awakening with a new metal skull and already mentally unstable, Joseph adopted the name "Hammerhead" and began modeling himself after 1920's style gangsters, from his clothing and choice of weapons, right down to his speech patterns. Over the years, Hammerhead has upgraded not only his skull, but eventually received a robotic adamantium reinforced skeleton, designed by Mr. Negative. In his many incarnations though, one thing has always remained, Hammerhead's desire to control all organized crime in New York and a relentless need to destroy Spider-Man!

The newest wave of Marvel Legends Retro Spider-Man figures consists of the highly sought retro Symbiote Suit Spider-Man, the Ben Reilly Spider-Man, The Spider-Man Mk 1 Armor, The Shocker, Hobgoblin, and today's review topic: Hammerhead. Inasmuch as he's a pretty limited figure, for the most part, there are some fun surprises with Hammerhead. Are those enough to boost his overall rating? Let's find out. If you are new to the website, Dan's ToyBox uses two basic metrics: The "Triple A" for Accessories, Appearance, and Articulation, coupled with the price point to determine an overall rating score of one to five toyboxes, with one being the lowest grade and five the highest.

Let's take a look at Hammerhead's accessories. For a gangster figure, I'd have thought we would have received a "tommy gun" with Hammerhead. There is no gun, but he does come with a baseball bat, which is soft and fairly pliable. Mine was a bit warped, but some heat and cold fixed it quickly. The bat is unremarkable in design, just a glossy dark brown without any other distinguishing features to it. Hammerhead also comes with four hands: one fist, one fist with Brass Knuckles that spell out "H E A D" on the victim, one open/relaxed hand and one bat holding hand. The brass knuckles were a pleasant surprise as I didn't initially notice them when I opened the figure. Once I discovered them and realized the sculpt work with the lettering, I was suitably impressed! The attention to detail on them is incredible, given how small they are on the fist. I don't think we could expect much more to come with this figure and the brass knuckle fist alone is almost enough to give him an A... almost, but not quite. Pack a tommy gun in the next version and that will give him more gangster credibility. Hammerhead gets an "A-" for accessories.

Perhaps in an effort to make up for the minimal accessories, Hasbro put more effort into the appearance of this figure. From the detailed sculpt of his face and head to the very cleanly applied pinstripes on his suit, Hammerhead definitely evokes "Gangster" in every way. The flesh tones on his face and hands are a great match, which isn't always the case with Marvel Legends figures. What I'm really digging though is the detail on his face. The wrinkles and creases, along with the sculpt are exactly what you would expect to see if the character jumped off the comic book page. There is a hint of color at the mouth for his lips and the small, almost pinprick eyes aren't offset or oddly applied. Even the upswept eyebrows are clean and give him a menacing look. The hair texture is even minutely sculpted and fits the character design to a "t." The hint of red for his necktie, over the black shirt offsets the blue of his suit very nicely and, much to my delight, the pinstripes are very cleanly applied. I couldn't find any issues with application on mine... no broken lines, or offset lines. Even the jacket to slacks pinstripes lined up well. Also, the sculpting is so precise, you can see the buttons on his cuffs, jacket, and vest. If I'm being nitpicky... perhaps a splash of gold on the buttons would have been a really nice way to break up all of the blue? I also really like the gloss black dress shoes, with their creases and even the sculpted laces. For a very simple figure, Hammerhead is detail laden and it's fun to discover everything. He easily earns an "A" for Appearance.

Quite honestly, the least exciting part of this figure is the articulation. Due to the design of the figure and the jacket overlay piece his ability to pose is hindered. This is disappointing as Hammerhead is a "hands on" kind of villain and would look good in fighting poses. Let's break it down though... his head is on a ball peg, allowing him to look up and down very well, turn left and right easily, and can tilt to give him a menacing or condescending look. Thankfully the design of his head doesn't limit movement at all, nor does his jacket collar. The shoulders rotate 360, however, due to the shape of the jacket shoulder are unable to come up to a decent "T" pose. Hammerhead does have an upper bicep cut which moves easily. His double-jointed elbows are NOT pin less but can bend just past 90 degrees and each of the hands can hinge and swivel. Due to the jacket/vest combination Hammerhead cannot bend forward or backward. I am not even sure if there IS a diaphragm hinge to be honest. He does have a waist swivel, which works nicely and isn't hindered by his coat. Unfortunately, because of the rigidity of the jacket, Hammerhead isn't capable of much more than a 30-degree split. His legs can kick forward, but again, are restricted by the coat. He does have a nicely functioning upper thigh cut and pin less knees which bend in very deeply. Unfortunately, mine were frozen badly and required a lot of heat to remedy. His ankles can pivot reasonably well, but are limited on their hinge, due to the sculpt of his pants cuffs. As you can see in the pictures, his posing is fairly stiff and limited, which is kind of disappointing for me... this is a figure I'd like to have posed in some good fighting scenes with Spider-Man, Daredevil or even Moon Knight. Instead, he'll likely just stand on my shelf, looking menacing. Sadly, for Hammerhead, I just can't bring myself to give him the final Articulation "A."

Is the Hasbro Marvel Legend Retro Hammerhead Action Figure worth adding to your collection? While he certainly looks the part and has a couple of good accessories, he's likely just going to be standing on the shelf amidst your other Spider-Man villains. At the price point of $22.99, and really just having the Appearance going for him, sadly, I find myself giving him two out of five toyboxes. While it's nice to have another "civilian clothed" figure to swap heads on... I just can't see this being a "must have" figure, unless you are a wave completist. You can find your own Hammerhead at local department stores, or online at retailers such as BBTS. As always, I appreciate your company in the ToyBox and until next time...GEEK OUT!!!