Marvel Legends Spider-Man Retro Wave: Spider-Man 2099 Action Figure Review

Hey, welcome back to Dan's ToyBox Action Figure Reviews! Today we're taking a look at the Hasbro Marvel Legends Spider-Man Retro Wave Spider-Man 2099 Action Figure. Yes, I know this figure has been out for a while and, believe it or not, I did take a series of pictures for a review, but never got around to writing it! (Shame on me!) Now seems like a good time to rectify that error!

"Miguel O'Hara was a geneticist working for Alchemax while his boss Tyler Stone was working on genetically giving humans superpowers. After a test subject had died, Miguel confronted his boss and Stone offered him a drink, which was laced with a drug called Rapture that changed the user's DNA and made the user's life dependent on its continuous consumption. Stone intended to use it to blackmail Miguel, but Miguel had other ideas and returned to his lab at Alchemax to restore his DNA to its original constitution. However, this backfired when a jealous coworker switched the template DNA to an experimental DNA created in an attempt to replicate a superhero Spider-Man. Miguel was cured of the Rapture but in the process his DNA became fifty percent spider. Miguel soon realized that with his abilities and position in Alchemax, he could take down Tyler Stone and his Alchemax monopoly that held Nueva York (New York of 2099) in tyranny." Character background property of and shared from Spider-Man 2099 | Marvel Database | Fandom

When Marvel introduced the 2099 line of books, nobody was shocked that Spider-Man 2099 became the top seller. My comic shop sold out quickly, and we were always getting customer orders for more copies. The story and concept of seeing our favorite web-slinger in a futuristic incarnation was very well received and to this day, Spider-Man 2099 plays a role in the Marvel Universe. There have also been a number of great SM 2099 figures over the years but I have to admit, this particular iteration of the figure has become my personal favorite, especially with the body mold used and the articulation involved. If you are new to the column, Dan's ToyBox uses a very simple algorithm to determine if a figure is worth adding to one's collection. The first step is for the figure to achieve the coveted "Triple A" rating for Accessories, Appearance, and Articulation. After this, we look briefly at the price point and give the figure a final overall rating of one to five toyboxes, with one being the worst and five, naturally, the best goal. With that said, let's jump into our examination of the Marvel Legends Spider-Man Retro Wave Spider-Man 2099 Action Figure!!!

Leaping right into the Accessories, Spider-Man 2099 comes with three pairs of hands: Wall Crawling, Fists, and Open/Grasping Clawed hands. He also comes with the tattered "web" cape which ports nicely into the hole on his back and actually holds place very well. I have to admit that I chuckled when I first looked at the figure, as my immediate thought was..."Well, it took long enough, but finally in 2099, Hasbro gets it right and puts wall crawling hands with Spidey." I'm still kind of baffled why the first Retro Spider-Man figure didn't come with wall crawling hands... but that's a discussion for another time. I really like the clawed hands with the figure as it is definitely comic book accurate and even the hard plastic web cape has a really nice look to it when attached to the figure. I'm not a huge fan of Hasbro's web accessories, so in a way, was relieved that there wasn't one with this figure. I feel like, Hasbro, is really finally getting it by including three sets of hands with Spider-Man figures. The newest retro line (Ben Reilly and Symbiote Suit) have three pairs, though the Mk 1 armor doesn't. Anyhow, I'm grateful to see these multiple options for posing SM 2099 and feel there's enough there to give him an A for Accessories. (Honestly, any Spidey with wall crawling hands is likely going to get an A, because why not?)

For me, the unique design of this suit was one of the attractions to the comic book. The "día de muertos" inspired death's head look to the costume, stylizing the spider emblem was really a cool and innovative way to upgrade Spider-Man's look. This styling translates well into action figure form as we turn our attention to the Appearance section of this review. The truth of the matter is... this is merely a repaint of the original version released back in the Marvel Legends Infinite series Hobgoblin BAF wave. I missed out on purchasing that figure back in the day, mainly because I really wasn't back into collecting as much. While I really like having this version, I will admit that I preferred the color scheme on the original. The blue was more metallic while this is a duller, almost purplish look. Also, because the red is applied over the blue/purple body it's not quite as bright as the original (based on what I've seen online and in other reviews.) Ironically, they got Miguel's name wrong on that original packaging and corrected it now. (Just a fun little aside.) There's really not much to discuss, honestly. The paint applications are clean on my figure and the lines are crisp. I couldn't find any smudging or oddities to the red applications and the cape is a clear, translucent plastic. Overall, he looks good enough to earn an A for appearance. While I would have liked a deeper blue, I'm still happy enough to have this figure in my collection that the color isn't a deal breaker.

How well does he move? Well, given that we've seen this body styling/mold used multiple times before, we're very familiar with the articulation. There are a number of discussions as to what is the best type of body mold for Spider-Man and honestly, until the retro Spider-Man with that newer style hit the shelves, this was my favorite for the web-slinger (with caveats). Though the range of motion could be better, the slender body style really typifies the characters. His head will turn side to side, looks up reasonably well, and has a very deep downward tilt. The ball hinge even allows for a little bit of "wobble/attitude". The shoulders are nicely proportioned to the figure and the butterfly joint does allow for some backward range and decent forward motion as well. Though, not as deep as the newer joints, this is still fairly serviceable for the figure. The arms can raise out to a near perfect T pose and the shoulders rotate a full 360 degrees. He has an upper bicep swivel and double-jointed elbows that bend in well past 90 degrees. All hands hinge, and swivel and are easily interchangeable. His ab crunch is limited to a single upper diaphragm joint which kind of sucks. He can't bend forward or backward very far (which perhaps may be limited to my figure as his joints were pretty sticky) and a waist pivot that does work well enough. Sadly, he really can't even get a 45-degree split to the legs, which is frustrating for a Spider-Man figure. Both legs kick forward very nicely and have upper thigh cuts. His double-jointed knees allow heel to butt motion and the very nice ankle pivot and hinge motion round out his movement capabilities. As much as I'd like to give him an A for articulation, the limited leg and crunch motion really hurts. Sorry, Miguel, only two of three A ratings for you.

Well, folks... there's our look at the Marvel Legends Spider-Man Retro Wave Spider-Man 2099 Action Figure. Two out of three "A" ratings, is fairly solid, but a little more articulation could have helped big time. This figure is also becoming a bit more difficult to find and though I was able to grab one for about $20, it's now showing up online for $40 and up. If you don't have the original Marvel Legends Infinites version, like me, this will make a pleasant addition to your collectibles shelf. To that end, The Retro Spider-Man 2099 Action figure has earned himself a solid 3.5 toyboxes out of 5. As always, I appreciate you taking the time to check out my reviews and until next time... GEEK OUT!!!