Marvel Legends Thor Love and Thunder Wave: Gorr the God Butcher Action Figure Review

Summer movie fun with the fourth installment in the Thor film series is right around the corner. You don't have to wait to meet Gorr though, as the Marvel Legends Thor: Love and Thunder Wave is available for purchase right now!

Gorr the God Butcher debuted in the pages of "Thor: God of Thunder" Issue # 2 in November 2012, created by Jason Aaron and Esad Ribic. Gorr came from a nameless planet and lived every day on the brink of death. His parents were killed when he was young, but Gorr kept trusting in gods, who never answered his prayers. As the years passed and Gorr grew into a man, he married a woman named Arra together they had and raised several children. However, after Gorr's pregnant wife was killed during an earthquake, he watched helplessly as one by one his children perished until only one was left, a son, Agar. When Agar was on the brink of death due to starvation, Gorr sought to ease his suffering and told the boy they would be going to a beautiful forest where they would never go hungry again. After Agar's death, Gorr wandered the desert aimlessly, having given up hope, renouncing the gods he previously believed in and begging those same to allow him to die. While wandering, Gorr watched in awe as a pair of battling gods—a dark elder god named Knull and a purple skinned god, wearing golden armor, empowered by the Enigma Force—fall from the sky, locked in combat and crash near him. Stunned by this knowledge that gods did exist, Gorr became furious when the gold-armored god begged him for help. Feeling his rage, the dark god's sword transformed into a shapeless mass of living darkness and bonded itself to him. Gorr then used this new weapon which he named, All-Black the Necrosword, to kill the gold-armored god. Exulting in this newfound power, Gorr vowed to seek vengeance against all the gods for never answering his prayers and set out to kill them.

For newer readers, Dan's ToyBox bases our reviews on the four A's of Accessories, Appearance, Articulation, and Affordability. Once discussed, those four categories combined lead us to a final overall score of one to five Toyboxes, with one being the worst and five being a "must add" to your collection. So, let's get cracking, shall we?

Marvel Legends Thor: Love and Thunder; Gorr the God Butcher is jam packed with a crap ton of... nothing. He has the Necrosword and Korg's right leg from the Build A Figure. He doesn't even have alternate hands. No fists, not even a left hand for holding the sword. And for this... Hasbro expects us to pay $25?!? Yeah... I don't think so. Thankfully this was a Father's Day Gift from Mrs. ToyBox, for even though I wanted him, just to have the movie villain, ugh... massive disappointment here. Definitely NOT worth the accessories grade.

It's never a good start to a review when the opening category lasts a total of eight sentences. Hopefully his appearance will make up for it... somewhat. If there is one area in which Hasbro has made great strides, it is with the photo realistic faces they create. Though Christian Bale's version of Gorr looks nothing like the comic counterpart, this figure looks remarkably like Christian Bale in his make-up. I am suitably impressed with the facial accuracy and detail. The sculpting on his head and arms is precise and the touches of color over the scarring give a nice break from the skin color. I also was pleased to note the amount of sculpted detail in his robes, from the textures to the torn hems of his cloak and robes. Even the paint detail on his fingertips is applied neatly. I do enjoy the highlights of soiling around the hems of his robes and cloak as well. This is nicely applied detail which goes a long way in mimicking the realism of the figure in the film. The Necrosword is also very nicely designed with intricate sculpting along the blade, hilt, and pommel. Unfortunately, the design of his pants make it look like Gorr threw on a pair of sweats for a quick trip to the grocery store. I suppose this is what the movie costume will resemble and though I get it, it's still rather silly. My biggest complaint with the look though, is the flatness of the cloak and hood. I get that the hood is supposed to be down but it's very flat against the back of his cloak, which makes it look lifeless and wrinkly. The cape is removable, which allows for a bit more movement of the figure, but not noticeably so... which is a great segue. I'll give the appearance an A- for Appearance, given that one can only do so much with various shades of cream white and corpse gray.

Gorr is going to fight Thor... so how well can he move? Hopefully the movie version is more lithe and agile than this figure. Let's talk articulation. His head turns right and left easily and can look up and down relatively well. He also has great head tilt, which, coupled with his facial expression conveys a sense of malevolence. This is about as good as it gets though, folks. His arms will raise out to the sides in a decent T pose and rotate 360. Bicep swivel works well and the pinless double-jointed elbows will bend in exceptionally far. The sword hand has a verticle hinge, allowing for better sword fighting poses, and can also rotate, while the other hand is on a traditional horizontal hinge and also rotates. Gorr has a single ball joint at the abdomen, which gives us fantastic swivel and side to side hinging. It will crunch forward to a degree, but not backward much and this my friends is the end of the articulation highlights because the legs are crap, thanks to the awful robes and their horrid sculpting and side cuts. Don't even think about kicking your legs forward because the front skirt is not very soft and restricts the legs terribly. The slits at the side do allow him to get a degree of split, but what is the point? He has an upper thigh cut which works and technically great pinless knees which can bend, but again are restricted by the stupid robes. Thankfully his ankles aren't limited by anything and will hinge and have great pivot/rocker motion. Gorr the God Butcher is going to be relegated to your shelf more along the lines of Gorr the God Statue. If I could rate this from the waist up, it would get a solid score, but having to take the thing in its entirety, I'll (too generously) give him an A- for Articulation. What does work, works well, but what doesn't really kills the figure, in my opinion.

Lastly, but not least, is Gorr the God Butcher an action figure worth the price? Mrs. ToyBox paid $24.99 for this and I'm pretty sure that was about $24 too much. I cannot in good conscience say that the figure and what comes with it are worth the price we paid. Frankly, if you're an MCU figure completist, that's likely the only reason I'd even recommend buying this. If you do get it, use the Necrosword for props with someone else, finish the BAF, and hide Gorr somewhere that seeing him won't make you cry for spending the money on him. No grade for Affordability for this figure.

Don't cry Gorr, it's not your fault you suck.

Definitely not a good outing for the MCU's newest bad guy in plastic form, that's for sure. There is so much potential locked in this figure, but it almost feels lazy... as if Hasbro looked at it and said..."We know there's more we could do, but meh, it's just enough." On that sad note, the Marvel Legend Thor: Love and Thunder; Gorr the God Butcher Action Figure earns a paltry...


Honestly, I really only wanted to give him half a toybox, but I've said that One is the lowest/worst score, and I will faithfully stick by that. If you don't need this figure to complete a wave or BAF, don't waste your money. In fact, if you DO need the BAF piece, let me know and I'll GIVE it to you, to help save you money!!!! Thank you for taking the time to visit Dan's ToyBox and check out our latest review. Until next time... GEEK OUT!!!!