Marvel Legends "What If...? T'Challa: Star Lord" Action Figure Review

Welcome to the all new Dan's ToyBox. As you can see we've moved to a new home and made some exciting changes to our format and content. Just know that we're excited to keep bringing you fun Action Figure Reviews, all new Comic Book Reviews, and expanding on our new Creator section! Let's get back to basics though and look at the Hasbro Marvel Legends What If...? Uatu Build a Figure Wave: T'Challa/Star Lord Action Figure.

All it takes is for one incident to happen out of order, one slight difference to make an entirely new universe. In this universe, Prince T'Challa, the son of King T'Chaka, was mistakenly abducted by the Ravagers, who were supposed to be looking for Peter Quill. Over time, T'Challa became the leader of the Ravagers and, inspired by Robin Hood, turned the group from their evil ways. The Ravagers now take from the wicked and over-privileged of the galaxy and give help to the poor and needy. Now known throughout the galaxy as Star Lord, T'Challa eventually traveled to Morag, where he stole the Orb and hired Korath the Pursuer. T'Challa also managed the incredible feat of persuading Thanos to give up his goal of annihilating half of all life in the universe! After which, he teamed with Nebula, who told him about the Embers of Genesis, which could feed millions of planets. The pair developed and launched the plan and successfully stole the Embers from the Collector. Successful, he returned to Earth and his homeland, and reunited with his family.

The accuracy with which Hasbro continues to create figures based on the MCU and even their animated series is astonishing. Honestly, at first, I wasn't very fond of this figure. I felt it was a bit plain and definitely lacking, but the more time I've spent posing it with other figures and enjoying my "What If...?"display, the more it's grown on me. That being said... does T'Challa earn the coveted Triple A for Accessories, Appearance, and Articulation? Let's find out.

T'Challa/Star Lord comes with an unmasked head, the Star Lord Masked head, two guns, and Uatu's Head for the BAF. Very sparse. I was hoping he'd have fisted hands along with the two gun holding hands, but nope. The guns are repaints from the original Star Lord figure and are done very nicely in the purple/gold motif and the heads are both very easy to swap on the figure. Extra hands would have maybe boosted my opinion, plus, you can't even port the guns on his hips, unlike the previous Star Lord. In fact, the hands were so stiff, that after I heated them to open the fingers enough to hold the guns, I don't dare remove them from his grip. That limits playability and again, the lack of fisted hands limits any fighting poses you might want to put him into. Overall, I was pretty disappointed with the decided lack of accessories with T'Challa. Sorry, Star Lord... no "A" for you in this category.

As mentioned earlier, Hasbro's accuracy levels are constantly improving and this figure is no exception. Starting with both head sculpts... the unmasked head is really very accurate to the cartoon and captures Chadwick Boseman, in animated style, eerily well. I actually prefer to have him displayed without the masked head because I enjoy the sculpt and style of it so much. The paint applications are solid, though initially, I thought he was a little cross-eyed. At least until I was able to inspect it more closely. The masked head is just as sharp, especially with the detailed paint job. I love the almost mohawk style look to the hair as it peeks through the top of the mask. I think what really impresses me though, is the tremendous paint applications... very intricately applied without any bleed over or missed spots. I do like both of these head sculpts a lot. His torso and jacket, initially were very bland to me and I wasn't impressed, but the detail is very subtle, the gold snaps and sipper, along with the trim is applied very well and the sculpt is extremely animated in nature. My biggest complaint is the uniform gray to his shirt and pants. I really wish there had been some differentiation... whether in the form of a wash applied to the pants or even a darker gray to the shirt. It looks too... institutional... and is very drab. I also was disappointed with his boots. To me, the brown in the boots very nearly matched the brown on his face and hands, making it seem as though he were actually wearing knickers, no socks, and sandals. Plus... they have these two little tabs on the outside of his calves... I assume those are his boot rockets... which if that's the case... wow... very poorly done. Also, the paint is applied over the gray mold and unfortunately mine is very scuffed on the feet, showing gray through in areas that are supposed to be brown. My biggest gripe with the overall look of his body (minus the jacket) is that it feels lazily crafted. Molded in uniform gray, poorly painted in a color scheme that makes him look almost barefoot with virtually no effort made to detail. I have to be as objective as possible here, so, no "A" for Appearance. There are too many shortcomings to make up for the few good things.

On the plus side, we do have some solid articulation on this figure, which helps make up for the other issues. We're very familiar with the Marvel Legend style of articulation, which makes this an easy jaunt. Both heads look up and down better than anticipated and can turn left and right with ease. The shoulders fully rotate 360 degrees and can raise to very nice T poses. He has a nicely working bicep swivel, pinless tech elbows (and knees) which bend in deep and hands that swivel and hinge. He has a diaphragm crunch that bends forward nicely, but due to the jacket, not back as much. His waist swivels and his legs can do a pretty amazing split! I was very happy to see the motion range there. They will kick forward very high, but not back as much. He has an upper thigh cut and knees that will bend in almost to reaching his backside! Of course, he also has that generous Marvel Legend ankle pivot and hinge. T'Challa can get into some nice poses, which helps a lot, considering there's not a whole lot of good done on this figure.

Oddly enough, personally, the longer I've had the figure, the more I like it. It's easier to look past the shortcomings because he is fun to play around with. That being said, unless you are looking to complete the Uatu BAF or the entire What If...? wave, this may be a figure you could choose to pass on. He was a Christmas gift, but at the retail mark of around $20 he is affordable enough to add to your collection. For myself, as objectively as possible, I'm giving the Marvel Legends What If...? Wave T'Challa/Star Lord Action Figure an unspectacular 2 toyboxes out of 5. You can find him and other Marvel Legends online at Thanks for checking out the new Dan's ToyBox and until next time... GEEK OUT!!!!