May The Fourth Be With You!!! Lego's The Bad Batch Shuttle Review

In honor of Star Wars Day, Dan's ToyBox takes flight with a fun ride on the Bad Batch's Attack Shuttle, brought to us by Lego!

Clone Force 99, first introduced in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars cartoon, are a group of experimental, elite clones. Called "Defective" for their genetic variance from the rest of the Clone Army, each of these warriors possesses a singular specific extraordinary skill which make them deadly fighters individually and a nigh unbeatable team together. When "Order 66" is given to annihilate the Jedi, The Bad Batch; Hunter, Tech, Wrecker, and the cyborg clone Echo find themselves questioning the order, while the remaining member, Crosshairs, is the only one feeling compelled to obey. Upon returning to Kamino, the Batch learn the war is over and the Republic has been replaced by the Empire. They soon meet another defective clone, a young girl named Omega and are tested by Admiral Tarkin, who wishes to evaluate their viability as a necessary clone squad. Tarkin dispatches the squad to Onderon to destroy an insurgent cell, but during the mission, Hunter and the team learn that the so-called "insurgents" are merely refugees refusing to submit to the new Empire. Hunter and the team abandon the mission and return to Kamino for Omega, where they are captured and tried for Treason. Still showing himself to be a "good soldier," Crosshairs catches the eye of Tarkin, who has the inhibitor chip (installed in all clones) enhanced to further keep him under Imperial Control. Crosshairs turns against his teammates and as the rest of the squad escape with Omega, is tasked to bring them in or bring them down.

If you've not yet watched this show, I highly recommend doing so. It's a fun ride through the galaxy with our four reluctant heroes, doing what they can to survive, protect Omega, and evade Imperial capture. Lego has done an amazing job in bringing the team and their specialized vehicle to life in brick form. I'll be departing from my typical review format as this is definitely a new venture into the realm of reviewing for me. So, strap in and let's make the jump to hyperspace together as we look at the Lego: The Bad Batch Attack Shuttle.

The Bad Batch Attack Shuttle comes with 969 pieces and took me two nights to put together. I would have finished it in one, but I promised my niece she could come back over and help me finish it the next day. As I recall, there were seven bags of blocks, and the assembly was actually fairly simple. As you can see in the interior shots. all four members can fit on board with two in the flight deck and two back in the cargo area. There is a flip up compartment that hides a small crate for storing weapons in the cargo section and extra weapons can be snapped onto hooks on the flip up lid as well. The wings were a bit of fun to assemble... and by that I realized AFTER completing the whole thing that I'd mis-assembled the starboard wing mount and had to take it apart to re-secure the pieces properly. That was a bit of a hassle, but thankfully it turned out to be a small fix. There are so many neat features on this ship as well. The thruster ports for controlling vector and direction over the engines can open and close and the top of the ship swings open for easy access to the interior. The color scheme is excellent and really evokes the standard color scheme used by the Empire in the movies. Lego did a really good job on the appearance of this ship, once assembled. I do have several Lego Star Wars sets and though they aren't a regular focus of my collecting, after getting hooked on the series, I knew I wanted this set. Thankfully, my family got together and snagged one for my birthday this past February. The ship itself, is really well done and the additions that come with it only serve to enhance the final product as well.

One of the grandest things about Legos are, clearly, the minifigures. The Lego: The Bad Batch Attack Shuttle comes with five minifigures and the "Gonk" Power Droid. We get the entire Bad Batch team: Hunter, Tech, Wrecker, Echo and Crosshairs and each of them is detailed to look just like their counterparts. All of them have removable helmets but only Hunter and Tech have alternate face paints. Additionally, Hunter and Tech both have hair pieces that can be used when displaying them without their helmets. Echo, the cyborg, has the cybernetic implants painted around his head and they really look cool. Each of them has armor painted to their specific design and custom. Both Tech and Echo come with blasters, Hunter comes with two knives and a blaster, Wrecker comes with his heavy weapon, and Crosshairs has his trusty sniper rifle. As if the five figures weren't enough, the team's trusty power droid is included and there are two speeder bikes, one that Crosshairs uses in his pursuit of the team and a green one commandeered by Hunter in a rescue attempt when Omega is captured. The handlebars/control yokes on both are moveable and the figures fit on and are easily removable from the "seats."

Overall, I have to admit... this is a FUN set, both to build and to display. The Lego: The Bad Batch Assault Shuttle retails at $100. The prices on Lego products never cease to amaze me, but when you look at the number of pieces many of them contain and the incredible ships, buildings, and vehicles you can recreate in brick form, the end product is worth it. I can easily give this set a very solid rating of 5/5 Toyboxes!!!

I hope you enjoyed our departure from the normal action figure reviews as we celebrate the phenomenon that is Star Wars with our special May the Fourth Be With You review of the Lego: The Bad Batch Attack Shuttle. Thanks for stopping by the toybox and until next time, as always... GEEK OUT!!!!