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Medicom Mafex #113 Spider-Man Far From Home Upgraded Suit Figure Review

Dan's ToyBox is excited to review the Medicom Mafex Spider-Man Far From Home Upgraded Suit action figure!

After the events of Avengers Endgame, Peter Parker wants nothing more than to try and have a normal summer. After losing his mentor, Tony Stark, and dealing with losing five years of time, all Peter wants is to enjoy a fun European trip with his classmates. Enter Nick Fury. As much as Peter tries to avoid Nick, events conspire to bring them together to face a terrifying new threat. With the help of the multidimensional hero Mysterio, Peter helps put an end to the Elemental Menace, threatening the Earth. However, not all is as it seems as Peter soon discovers. Mysterio is no otherworldly hero and the Elemental Beings were nothing more than cleverly created holographic special effects. In order to defeat this new enemy, Peter must craft himself a new Spider-Man suit. Using Stark Technology and aided by Tony’s longtime bodyguard, Happy Hogan, Peter creates his black and red Upgraded Suit. Though he was successful in taking Mysterio down, Peter soon finds himself faced with an even greater threat, his secret identity exposed to the world! With this revelation, it seems Peter has gone from being “Far From Home” to having “No Way Home.”

Mafex… you just keep getting better and better. Let me get this out there right off the bat… I freaking love this figure! Accessories, Appearance, Articulation! This figure definitely hits the Triple A. First off, Spider-Man comes with two alternate head sculpts, wide eyes and narrower eyes, two pairs of feet, one magnetic, one regular, a cell phone, six weblines (two each long swinging lines, medium length thwip lines, and short thwip lines) and seven pairs of hands: fisted, thwipping, wall crawling, magnetic wall crawling, swinging, relaxed/gripping hands (to hold his cell phone) and “peace bro” sign hands and lastly, he has the typical mafex figure stand. The attention to detail on the hands is extraordinary from the sculpting to the paint apps and really looks incredible. The cell phone is a small black rectangle, but again, sculpted detail on the front shows the edges of the screen, buttons along the bottom, and the top speaker/microphone. It would have been nice to have some image on the screen… but if that’s my biggest complaint… I’ll take it. The head sculpts are absolutely terrific and you can feel the detail of the weblines and texturing. Of course, though we’ve seen the webbing before, this time they are molded in a clear plastic, as opposed to the typical white webbing past entries have come with. I really like this look, although photographing it wasn’t the easiest thing to do. What I think I liked best though was that there is symmetry, we get two of each of the weblines and previously, there was only one longer “swinging” line. This amps up the posing factor quite a bit as far as I’m concerned. Once again, Mafex nails it with the accessories.

When I first opened the figure, I was very surprised at the weight of the figure. This Spider-Man has some heft to it. The one thing I’ve always been cognizant of, with Mafex, is how the figures have a somewhat “hollow” feel to them. There isn’t much weight to them, even though they are solidly put together, there is a lightness to them that belies the sturdiness. This figure, on the other hand, feels solid and sits nicely in hand. I don’t have the fragile feeling like I’ve had with previous offerings. I like this. A lot. Now, on with the appearance. This is the figure that I wanted Marvel Legends to make. While I liked that figure, it’s much too glossy and just really lacks detailing. This figure though is once again, a prime example of solid paint applications and intricately detailed sculpting. I am thrilled with how this figure looks. Starting with the head… as mentioned previously, the head sculpts are incredible. I really love the texturing of the costume and the fact that I can feel the weblines on the mask. The eye pieces are rendered beautifully and I honestly can’t decide which version (wide or narrow eyes) I like better. Both look really good. Moving down the figure, the paint applications on mine are spectacular. I looked this figure over very carefully and couldn’t find any misapplications or splotches. I’ve seen video reviews in which there were concerns about excessive blackwash in the shoulders or other parts of the torso, but mine was very clean. I am even more impressed by the amount of fine detailing applied to the figure. There is so much sculpted texture applied to this figure, making it resemble the movie costume as closely as possible. I am utterly astounded by the level of attention paid to this figure and can only nod in awestruck appreciation at the amount of work that went into creating this toy. Both spider emblems are sculpted and painted beautifully and the white spider emblem on the back looks particularly impressive. One other piece of appearance that I’ve heard so much about is the proportioning of the figure. As I’ve studied it more closely, I agree that this figure is really proportioned nicely. This looks like an older teenager body, unlike the very slender, much younger Miles Morales figure, I feel this is sculpted and designed to very accurately match the film counterpart. Geez… two for two so far on our Triple A review categories. Can the Mafex Upgraded Suit Spider Man make a clean sweep with Articulation?

Oh, oh yes. Yes he can. Mafex has always been exceptional in the articulation engineering department and they continue to impress here. Spider-Man’s head is on an angled peg and the neck is also on a peg, which allows for a wide range of movement. His head easily turns side to side and thanks to the design of the neck and pegs, allows Spidey to look both up very high and down very deeply. I’ve had so much fun posing him in a great number of spidey style swinging, leaping, and wall crawling poses and have felt that his head moved exactly as it ought to for such looks. He has butterfly joints at the shoulders, allowing for a nice range of motion for swinging, punching, climbing poses, as well as taking a nice selfie with his phone. The shoulders move up and down and rotate 360 degrees. Spidey has a very nice upper bicep swivel and double jointed elbows that bend in very tight. His wrist peg hinges and pivots and every set of hands goes on easily and stays on snugly. He has a two point diaphragm crunch… the upper torso can swivel, tilt, and crunch forward and back and the lower diaphragm will pivot and crunch as well. Admittedly, mine doesn’t seem to bend as deeply as others I’ve seen in videos, but that being said, I am pleased with the flexibility built into my figure. Spider-Man has drop down levers at his hips/upper thighs which allow him to kick forward very far and gives him a degree of thigh pivot. He can hit some nice splits, but the one problem I’ve noticed with mine is that when I bend the knees (Mafex KNOWS how to do knee joints… other manufacturers need to take note of this.) and try to lift both legs forward, one leg will naturally start to pivot, resulting in the ankles crossing. I have noticed that when you drop the legs down, they tend to interfere with one another to a degree when it comes to the more dynamic posing. Lastly, he comes with the atypical forward facing peg which allows for great ankle mobility and pivot along with his toe articulation. This has been a really fun figure to pose and play around with. I was very pleased with how the photos I took of this figure turned out and I’m looking forward to doing some more photo shoots with him and other figures.

The Medicom Mafex Spider-Man Far From Home Upgraded Suit figure is one of the better MCU figure offerings I’ve seen so far. In fact, I just realized that of my import figures the three MCU figures I had prior to this were all SHFiguarts, while aside from the “Into the Spider-verse” Miles Morales, the rest of my Mafex figures are comic book appearance based figures. I think, quite honestly, that I will be buying more Mafex MCU characters in the future. As with all imports, this figure is on the pricier side. I was fortunate to get mine for about $85 and he’s worth every penny. Even with the minor issues I had, I’m happy to say that the Upgraded Suit Spidey nails the Triple A and earned a stellar 5 out of 5 toyboxes from this reviewer. The Medicom Mafex Far From Home Upgraded Suit Spider-Man is available at various online outlets, so be sure to check out sites like for your action figure purchases. Thanks for checking out the website, until our next review… Geek Out!!!


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