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NECA TMNT: The Last Ronin Unarmored Version Action Figure Review

Welcome to another Dan's ToyBox review. Today's figure is the NECA: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IDW Comics: The Last Ronin Unarmored Ultimate 7" Action Figure. I had mentioned, after reviewing the Armored version that I'd likely end up picking this one up as well and it is just as phenomenal as its counterpart.

Several years in the future, NYC is battle ravaged and under dystopian rule. Only one Turtle remains, the rest of his family dead, allies seemingly lost. This remaining hero must undergo a seemingly hopeless quest to bring justice to his family and put an end, once and for all, to the long war between the Turtles and the Foot Clan. Collected in a five-issue series, The Last Ronin brings original TMNT creators Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird back together for a story three decades in the making. When you learn which of the four brothers is The Last Ronin, you'll be drawn even deeper into the story as his identity is one of the best reveals in the book. As I said in the previous review, if you are a fan of TMNT and haven't yet read this story, jump on it as soon as you can. You won't regret it one bit!

As long-time readers of this blog know, Dan's ToyBox discusses four main categories in each review: Accessories, Appearance, Articulation, and Affordability. These categories each receive an arbitrary score of zero to ten and then are considered for the overall grade. Each figure review receives a zero to ten ToyBox grade, with zero being the worst and ten being a "must have." Let's not wait any further and jump into the NECA TMNT: The Last Ronin Unarmored Version review!


The NECA TMNT The Last Ronin Unarmored Version action figure comes with an impressive array of accessories. It includes two interchangeable heads, one with a closed mouth look of sorrow and the other with teeth gritted together, allowing you to showcase different emotions. Additionally, it comes with multiple interchangeable hands, perfect for creating dynamic poses and holding weapons. The hand pairings are Fists, Weapon Holding, Flat/Karate Chop, and a single pointing hand. The figure also includes one of Leonardo's broken Katana Swords, one of Rafael's Sai, one pair of Michaelangelo's nunchaku, four throwing dirks, one Tonfa (T-Baton), a Robot Mouser, and Splinter's Journal. The only minor drawback is the absence of a display stand, which would have been a nice addition to enhance the posing possibilities. I particularly enjoy the fact that the accessories are different from the armored version. Including Splinter's journal rather than Donatello's Bo Staff is a nice touch, and the robot mouser is a very neat accessory for this figure. NECA manages to deliver once again and so, earns 9 out of 10 for accessories.


NECA has done an exceptional job capturing the essence of The Last Ronin comic book in this action figure. The sculpting and paintwork are highly detailed, with meticulous attention given to the texture of the Turtles' skin, shell, and even the tattered fabric of his bandana. The figure stands at approximately 7 inches tall, making it an ideal representation of the characters' size in the source material. The gritty and battle-worn look adds an authentic touch, further elevating the overall appearance of the figure. As with the armored version, the paint applications on this figure are absolutely solid. The battle damage, scars, scratches, tears... etc... are all so meticulously crafted into the body of this figure that you can't help but be amazed at everything you see in it. Each of the accessories is also highly detailed, from the gold clasps on Splinter's Journal, to the clean detail applications on the mouser. Even looking at the facial expressions on this figure, you can see they are different from the armored version, allowing for an even wider range of display options by interchanging them. For me, the best part of this figure though, is the amount of detail on his shell and upper torso. This is a turtle that has seen his share of action and all of the paint apps are super clean. Even if you don't plan on posing this figure much and just want a display piece, he's going to look fantastic on your shelf, desk, or wherever you put him. I gave the armored version a perfect 10 and this one also earns that prize. 10 out of 10.


The articulation on this NECA TMNT The Last Ronin figure is impressive, allowing for a wide range of poses. With over 20 points of articulation, including double-jointed knees and elbows, hinged shoulders and ball-jointed hips, as well as a swivel waist, the figure offers plenty of flexibility. The joints feel sturdy, and hold poses well, but some may find the range of motion slightly limited in certain areas. My biggest gripe is the ball peg head. There is little up/down movement and the side to side is on a circular rotation, which brings the sides of his head up toward the sky, rather than laterally toward his back. Thankfully, the shoulder rotation isn't as limited as it is with the armored version and his arms can reach very nice T poses. The elbow swivel works fine but the elbows will only hit about 90 degrees. The wrists pivot well enough, but due to his bracers, the hinge is somewhat limited. I do like the torso swivel, which looks good and is hidden by his belt. The legs will split quite well and can kick forward reasonably good. There is a hidden thigh swivel and the double-jointed knees can bend in relatively deep. Finally, the ankle rockers work very well, and the hinge is better when pointing the toes upward than it is going back. Nonetheless, it still provides enough articulation to recreate iconic fighting stances and dynamic action poses. I feel like this one is just a bit more posable than the armored version, thus earning a respectable 8 out of 10.


Considering the level of quality and attention to detail, the NECA TMNT The Last Ronin Unarmored Version action figure is reasonably priced. NECA has managed to offer a highly collectible figure at a relatively affordable cost compared to some other high-end collectibles in the market. It provides excellent value for money, especially when you consider the number of accessories included and the overall quality of the figure. I got mine on Amazon, listed for $34.50, but thanks to rewards points, I ended up paying $23.67. A price like that easily earns this figure a solid 9 out of 10.

Overall, The NECA TMNT The Last Ronin Unarmored Version action figure impresses across all categories. With its comprehensive set of accessories, accurate and detailed appearance, solid articulation, and affordable price, it caters to both avid collectors and fans of the TMNT franchise. While the figure could have benefited from a display stand and slightly improved articulation, it is still a highly desirable and commendable addition to any TMNT collection. NECA has once again proven their dedication to delivering high-quality figures that capture the essence of beloved characters. Thus, I'm very happy to give this figure...

9 out of 10 ToyBoxes!

This is really an outstanding figure, even better than the armored version, in my opinion. I hope you enjoyed this review and as always, thank you for visiting! Leave a like and comment below if you feel so inclined and until next time... GEEK OUT!!!!


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