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Retro Figures in Action: The Kenner DC Super Powers Collection!!!

This isn't going to be so much a review as more of a trip down nostalgia lane. In 1984, DC Comics worked out an idea to award Kenner Products the licensing for their characters for a new toyline. The initial concept drew inspiration from Kenner's popular Star Wars toys, featuring multiple playsets designed for specific characters, such as: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Lex Luthor, etc... Until this point, Mego Corporation had held the licensure, producing the 6-inch dolls. Now, though, with an emphasis on action and art style, Kenner built new engineering within the figures that would trigger a character specific action when the figure's legs or arms were squeezed. This emphasis on each figure's "superpower" led to the line being named "The Super Powers Collection". Each figure in the first two series were also packaged with a mini comic featuring an adventure with a spotlight on that character. Looking back, I wish I still had all of my mini comics. Sadly, of my original collection, only The Flash, Green Lantern, Batman, Robin and the Batmobile survived. I was very fortunate, a couple of years ago, to find the rest of the figures you see in the pictures. Recently, McFarlane Toys has launched an updated version of the classic Super Powers figures and I did end up adding a Superman to my collection. I thought about taking individual pictures of each figure, but felt that would take up way too much space, so putting them together was the most logical choice. Welcome to Dan's ToyBox DC Super Powers Collection!!

A couple of years ago, I received a phone call from a lady asking if I would be interested in helping them appraise some toys. She was referred to me from a mutual friend and after seeing some of the pictures I agreed to come and look. The collection belonged to their late son, and they felt it was time to finally let things go. The bulk of his toys were Masters of the Universe, of which, he had a LOT. What really hooked me was seeing all of the old Super Powers figures, including the Bat Copter and Lex-Soar 7. They offered me a discount on any of the figures, in return for helping with the appraisal. I was able to land ALL of the figures pictured and the carrying case to add to the four I still had from my childhood for an incredibly reasonable price. Additionally, I helped price out some other items the couple wanted to sell and in exchange, received the Bat-Copter and Lex-Soar 7 as payment.

I would love to find capes for Red Tornado and Dr. Fate at some point. There are certainly some additional figures that I'm hoping to stumble upon at garage sales or antique stores as well. I do wish they'd had an original Superman as mine was lost a long time ago, but one of these days, I'll come across one. Until that time though, I'm very happy to have a big piece of fun nostalgia from my childhood on display here in the Geek Tower and I'm glad for the opportunity to share it with all of you. Thanks for stopping by Dan's ToyBox, if you are enjoying the content, drop a like below and subscribe to receive new articles via email! Until next time... GEEK OUT!!!


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