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Retro Review: Hasbro Marvel Legends What If? Captain Carter Stealth Suit Target Exclusive

In the ever-expanding realm of Marvel Legends action figures, the What If? Captain Carter Stealth Suit Target exclusive joins the lineup, aiming to captivate collectors with its unique design. However, beneath the stealthy exterior lies an action figure that falls short of expectations, earning a rather lackluster review.

One little change is all it takes to forever alter a universe. In the first episode of Marvel’s What If…? We get to see a Marvel Universe without Captain America. As the Super Soldier experiment gets underway, Hydra strikes! When Steve Rogers is injured and unable to continue, Peggy Carter leaps into action and enters the machine for the Super Soldier injections. Emerging with peak superhuman strength and endurance, and armed with her own shield, proudly bearing the Union Jack, Captain Carter rushes headlong into battle against the Nazis and the evil Red Skull. Now, in possession of the Tesseract, the Red Skull intends to use its powers to bring forth an extra dimensional monster to destroy his enemies.

Accessories (2/10)

Carter's stealth painted shield is all we get. No extra hands, no other weapons. Admittedly the shield does look great in terms of the paint applications and the brown straps on the back, but that's really about the extent of it.

Appearance (8/10)

The figure's appearance is solid, featuring a commendable adaptation of Captain Carter's stealth suit from the What If? series. The detailing on the suit and shield is well-executed, staying true to the source material. The paint applications on her facial features are done very well and does an exemplary job of recreating Hayley Atwell's animated features. I compared this to the original version, wondering if there would be any paint differences and found none. Hasbro simply reused the original with the same paint applications. Which is fine, given that they did an admirable job on her the first time around. Overall, the paint applications throughout the figure are clean and sharp, from the buckles on her boots up to the Union Jack on her torso. To be honest, I actually like this version better than the original. It just looks tighter, in terms of paint, to me. Initially, I thought there was some type of paint issue on her thigh, until I looked closer and realized there is a gray pattern painted on her legs. Because it's very dark, it doesn't stand out well against the dark blue of her suit, but it's just noticeable enough to catch the eye. The sculpting is another area that stands out on this figure. The details on the flag, the wrinkles in her suit, even the way the back of her hair curls under, are all very intricately designed. I also feel that, even though this is based on a cartoon figure, the lack of serious muscle definition actually gives her a more "lifelike" appearance, in terms of wearing clothing. I know we got a live action Captain Carter in "Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness" and that one was in the traditional costume, but this figure looks like it could have stepped out of that film as well.

Articulation (3/10)

Here's where the Captain Carter Stealth Suit falters significantly. The figure's articulation is subpar, limiting dynamic posing possibilities. Joints feel stiff, and the range of motion is disappointingly restricted, hindering the figure's ability to strike iconic action poses. For an action figure that should embody the agility of its on-screen counterpart, this lack of articulation is a considerable letdown. I did notice that there is a difference in the range of motion for the head on this figure versus the original. I think Hasbro may have trimmed the collar down just a bit. On the first version, her high collar and hair sculpt caused the head to tilt forward quite a lot, even when trying to turn her head side to side. On this one, though, her head seems to stay at a more normal level, even when turned. I looked at both closely, and could see more of a gap between her hair and neck on this version, than on the previous. I could be wrong... but to me it does seem that this head has just a bit more motion range to it. The other issue I have is with the ankle design. Hasbro has always given us amazing ankle range, but the sculpted design of her boots precludes the ankles from pivoting and the hinge range is also extremely limited. The knees and elbows are both pinless and double-jointed with adequate range, which is good. The upper torso rotates, but has little to no crunch and there is no waist swivel. Sadly, she's going to be more of a statue on your shelf, but if put it a relatively heroic looking pose, can still make a good display.

Affordability (9/10)

I know, right now you're thinking... how on earth is this figure getting such a great rating for affordability. Well, all I can say is, go to Ollie's. My local Ollie's had multiple copies of this figure for only $9.99!!! I would NOT recommend paying regular retail for this if you can avoid it. Honestly, had it not been for finding her at Ollie's I'd likely have not ever added this figure to my collection.

Regrettably, the Hasbro Marvel Legends What If? Captain Carter Stealth Suit falls short of expectations, especially in the crucial department of articulation and accessories. While the appearance shows promise, the figure's overall execution leaves much to be desired. For collectors seeking a dynamic and poseable rendition of Captain Carter, this particular release may not be the ideal choice. Thus the Hasbro Marvel Legends What If? Stealth Suit Captain Carter earns a pedestrian:

5.5 out of 10 ToyBoxes

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Nov 22, 2023


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