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Sentinel SV-Action Peter B. Parker "Into the Spider-Verse" Action Figure Review

Image © Dan's ToyBox 2022

Sentinel keeps on rocking with the SV-Action Peter B. Parker from the "Into the Spider-Verse" animated film. Yes, I know this figure has been out since late last year and believe me, I had hoped to have it back then. However, pre-ordering just didn't work out as I'd hoped. Now, though, Dan's ToyBox has managed to land one of the best action figures I've seen in a long time!! Spoiler Alert... this figure has moved into number one in my favorite Spider-Man figure ranking!

After being Spider-Man for over two decades, Peter has lost the will to keep being a hero. He's lost his Aunt May, divorced Mary Jane and now even hates being reminded of the "with great power, comes great responsibility" mantra. He is tremendously sarcastic, and self-centered at this point and with his loss of heroic nobility and motivation, has gained weight and basically given up on life. After being pulled from his own universe through a portal into a new one, Peter learns that the Spider-Man of this universe has died and meets young Miles Morales. Miles has also been bestowed spider powers and Peter soon joins Miles on his quest to stop the Kingpin from opening new portals, which could destroy New York. Reluctantly at first, Peter soon finds himself thrust into the role of mentor to the young Morales. As the pair work together and make new Spider allies, Peter soon remembers what he once stood for, regains his self-confidence and once again becomes the hero he was always meant to be.

If you haven't watched "Into the Spider-Verse" I highly recommend doing so. It is an incredible movie, made even more so by the phenomenal animation work. BUT we aren't here to talk about movies, no sir, we're here to discuss one of the best action figures to hit collectors in a long time! The Sentinel SV-Action Peter B. Parker! Regular readers of this column can skip this part, but for you newer readers, Dan's ToyBox grades figures on four categories, giving them an A for: Accessories, Appearance, Articulation, and Affordability. Once those factors are discussed, the figure is then given an overall score of one to five toyboxes, with one being the worst and five a "must have" for your collection. With that, let's look at our first "A"; Accessories.

Image © Dan's ToyBox 2022

The Sentinel SV-Action Peter B. Parker is packed to the gills with fun accessories!!! The quickest way to my heart, as a collector, is to add lots of cool stuff to enhance the figure and Sentinel, like Mafex and SHFiguarts knows how to do that! I purchased the Standard Version, which meant no Gargoyle statue for him to perch on. That's ok, because the rest of the stuff more than makes up for it. Peter B. comes with: One masked head sculpt with normal eyes, one masked head sculpt with larger, surprised eyes, one Peter Parker (blonde) unmasked head sculpt from Miles universe and two Peter B. Parker unmasked head sculpts with awesome expressions on each. The figure also comes with six pairs of hands: 1 pair fists/web holding hands, 1 pair of semi fisted, eyeglass holding hands, 1 pair relaxed hands, 1 pair wall crawling hands, 1 pair open, grasping hands and 1 pair ungloved keyboard typing hands. He comes with a pair of eyeglasses for the unmasked sculpts, 1 coffee cup holding hand, two web thwipping hands (with webbing attached), 4 webbing accessories, 2 three-line anchor webs, and 2 swinging webs, a "newspaper" with multiple pages that can be cut out from the instruction booklet and, best of all, interchangeable abdomen (1 muscled, 1 chunky) and pelvis (1 lean, 1 stout) parts to switch from Peter Parker to Peter B. Parker. The fact that you can swap between the two and change up your display options is as much fun as the shorts/hoodie option on the Miles Morales figure, also by Sentinel. This figure also comes with a great flight stand that is easy to assemble. There is a small part of me that wishes it had come with Peter B's trench coat, sweatpants, boot and sneaker combo, but given all else it has, this is a minor issue for me. I never got the Mafex figure (and I'm still kicking myself over that) but I do have the Marvel Legend, so at least I can display him with that look. All of this being said, the diversity of display options with the accessories easily puts a huge smile on my face and gives Peter B his first "A" to start out with.

Images © Dan's ToyBox 2022

The design of the Sentinel SV-Action Peter B. Parker is absolutely NAILED! This figure could have leapt right off of the screen with the accuracy in look and sculpt. Starting with his head, the different sculpts are just awesome! I had so much fun taking pictures of this figure and will be sharing a lot in this review!

Images © Dan's ToyBox 2022

So, I will admit that I'm not a huge fan of the big eyes, but it's growing on me. Both of the masked head sculpts are extremely well done and the regular sized eyes is my definite favorite as it really evokes the look of the web-slinger exceptionally well. Each of the unmasked sculpts are incredible in their own ways. The different facial expressions for the two different Parkers really convey the specific character from the movie. The blonde haired sculpt gives us the self-assured smirk, with mischievous upraised eyebrow, while the dark haired Peter B's two head sculpts have great expressions on both. At first I wasn't crazy about the pursed lips on the second but the more I look at it, the funnier it becomes, especially when paired with the eye glasses, it also serves as his "coffee sipping" face. The details are all amazing. The hair sculpts, features, and even "5 o'clock" shadow on Peter B are so wonderfully rendered. The body is proportioned as the animated counterpart, with oversized hands, which somehow fit with the leaner arms. I think, though, the absolute most fun is the interchangeable abdomen. The paunchy stomach is just enough out of shape to really convey the differences between Peter B and Miles' universe's counterpart. The colors are bright, and vibrant on the figure and to me, match what Spider-Man is supposed to look like. Best of all though, the web lines on his suit are inlaid with black paint. I know the pix above don't really convey that well, due to the lighting, but the webs look GREAT! The only real "oddity" to the figure would be the indented sculpt on the back of his upper legs. However, that design serves a pretty awesome purpose. It allows his legs to bend in at the knee joint 100 percent, which gives us some very accurate Spidey posing options. I looked this figure over very carefully and mine, at least, had no paint defects or deficiencies that I could find, which made it even more enjoyable for me.

The Sentinel SV-Action Peter B Parker is an exceptionally good-looking figure. The accessories are all done extremely well and give this figure just that much more for us to enjoy. Peter B easily gets an "A" for Appearance.

Images © Dan's ToyBox 2022

The head sits on a ball peg, which allows for some incredible range of motion. Peter B can look up and down, and with the neck tilt, can increase his range of motion even more. The head will turn easily, sideways, regardless of which sculpt is on. Granted, the unmasked sculpts are a bit more limited in how much they can look up, due to the hair sculpt in back, but that's still easy to remedy with the neck movement. The shoulder joints, much like the Miles Morales figure will raise out to a very nice T pose and can fully rotate. Due to their design, the function as their own butterfly joints as well, giving the figure excellent forward and backward motion. When you couple that with the upper bicep swivel, Peter B is capable of throwing some awesome cross body punches and doesn't look awkward doing so. The diaphragm joint is a wonder to use, (both sculpts) although, the leaner muscled abs will allow for much tighter crunches, the chubby abs are more realistic to those of us with "dad bods." The abdomen joints turn and crunch forward and backward beautifully, although I did note some gapping when crunching him far forward. That being said, the amount of crunch is really fantastic for this figure. His legs will do an almost complete split and there is some hidden upper thigh swivel. Both legs kick forward incredibly well and will kick backward but do kind of kick out to the side a bit. The knees are, probably, the best feature. They bend in completely, thanks to the hollowed out sculpt on the back of his upper thighs and his ankles pivot and hinge smoothly. Even the toe articulation is engineered tight enough that the toes won't flex without a degree of pressure applied to them. Inasmuch as I enjoy the posability of both Mafex and SHFiguarts, I have to admit that there is something very special about the engineering that goes into Sentinel's figures. The joints all work so smooth and don't really give the figure any awkward angles. I feel like I can replicate just about any Spider-Man pose with the Sentinel SV-Action Peter B. Parker action figure. He more than knocks out the Articulation portion of the review, flying ahead with a resounding "A+."

Images © Dan's ToyBox 2022

So far, this has been an absolute joy of a review to write. I will unashamedly admit that I'm a huge fan of this figure and may not have been as objective as I normally try to be. That said, I won't apologize at all because this figure, to me, is THAT good. In fact, Peter B. has replaced the Mafex Ben Reilly as my favorite non-Marvel Legend Spider-Man action figure. Of course, with all of the good, I do have to throw a bit of water on the fire. This is NOT the most affordable action figure out there. Thankfully, it is going to be re-released this fall, but I've seen prices for the Standard version range in excess of $200! If you want to get the Deluxe version with the Gargoyle wall mount, be prepared to pay another $25-$30 on top. I would expect, as I've seen with previous re-releases, that the figure will drop to a more reasonable price upon it's new release date, but there is no guarantee of that happening. This is certainly a figure worth the price, but unfortunately, that price is too steep for most casual collectors, which is a shame, because this is a piece that every Spider-Man figure fan should have an opportunity to add to their collection. So, unfortunately, even with all of the great things, I cannot in good conscience give this one an A for affordability because... it's not.

My enthusiasm for this figure really knows no boundaries and in spite of the hefty price tag, I cannot emphasize how much fun it is and therefore am very happy to give this figure:


Thank you for taking the time out of your day to spend a little time in Dan's ToyBox for our review of the Sentinel SV-Action Peter B. Parker. I hope you enjoyed this review as much as I did writing it. Until next time... GEEK OUT!!!!


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