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A movie that brings the smile out in you and can make you stare at the mirror long enough until it becomes creepy.

Sosie Bacon, daughter to Kevin Bacon, stars in this film with a stellar cast of colorful characters. While the movie starts off slow, it picks up, becoming more intense, as you get into the storyline.

The film is packed with incredible frights and scares that get you jumpy from time to time. Each more fun than the last! A sleeper hit which makes it all the more surprising due to its amazing success. This film takes horror and the thriller genre and cranks them up to a new level. Director Parker Finn's first feature film is a strong entry into the realm of scary movies, made all the more frightening by his desire to have the actors make up their own terrifying smiles, rather than using special effects.

Thanks to all the fun twists and turns, this is the kind of movie that gets better and better as you continue to watch it. Definitely a worthy movie for the Halloween season!



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