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Star Wars: Boba Fett and The Mandalorian 2 in 1 Action Figure Review

Image © Dan's ToyBox 2023

Starting off the new year with a 2 in 1 review of the Star Wars: The Black Series "Throne Room" Boba Fett and The Credit Collection: The Mandalorian action figures!

Right out of the gate, I'm going to apologize for the minimal number of photographs. I'm having technical difficulties getting pictures uploaded and am waiting for a call back from customer service. As soon as the problem is resolved, I'll update with additional photos.

Feared throughout the galaxy as one of the deadliest Bounty Hunters, Boba Fett seemingly met his demise in the stomach of the Sarlaac on Tatooine. However, the resourceful Fett wasn't ready yet to be lunch for the creature. Managing to escape, Fett is soon found by a tribe of Tusken Raiders and, eventually, gains their trust to become a member. Sometime later, Fett encounters The Mandalorian, Din Djarin, who has come into possession of Fett's armor. The pair end up working together for a brief time and after the conclusion of their adventures together, Boba Fett returns to Tatooine, where he moves into Jabba the Hutt's old palace and establishes himself as Tatooine's newest crime lord.

This is really going to be more of a "Retro Review" as these figures have been out for a while, however, they were Christmas gifts from Mrs. ToyBox and I like them both quite a lot. While I will focus on our normal categories, this will likely be a shorter review than usual, mainly because I won't go over all of the normal information on The Mandalorian figure. Instead, we'll focus more on the appearance as this was an Amazon Exclusive and has a pretty cool paint scheme. Boba Fett, on the other hand, we will talk a bit more about because of the character design.

Image © Dan's ToyBox 2023


Boba Fett comes with his pistol, blaster rifle, removeable jetpack and removeable helmet. The Mandalorian is equipped with his pistol, jetpack, and Amban Rifle. He also comes with a collectible "Credit" chip which, sadly, cannot be used for purchasing additional Star Wars figures. We have seen all of these accessories before with other versions of both of these figures, so there's really nothing new to discuss. Except, of course, for Fett's removeable helmet. I really enjoy the fact that the helmet can come off for us to see his face underneath, though I've noticed that the helmet fit isn't quite so snug on mine, but it's still a nice display option. Accessory-wise, I'll give them a solid 6 out of 10. Again, nothing really new, but what is here, is nicely done.

Images © Dan's ToyBox 2023


I really like the look of both of these figures. Let's start with Boba Fett. The paint apps are super clean and the figure looks as if he jumped right off the screen. I really like the greens on his helmet and chest plate along. I really appreciate the work that went into the detailing, especially seeing the little hints of silver underneath where paint has been scraped or scratched off. Though the other colors are muted, they really seem to pop on this figure and as mentioned, the details are incredible. From the gold belt buckle to the armor trim, the touches applied to the jetpack and even the "Kill Counts" ringing his helmet, nothing seems to be missed in their attempts to be accurate. There is even paint detail on both blaster and rifle, which gives a more realistic look to these fictional weapons. I am also very impressed with the amount of sculpted detail throughout the figure. This shows a considerable amount of time was taken in developing the character and helps maintain a solid resemblance. I have a love/hate relationship with the hoses on his right arm. I love the fact that they are added as it is costume accurate, but you'll see why I hate them when we get to articulation. My only real area of concern was the unmasked head. I can see how Hasbro tried to maintain as accurate a likeness as possible and the paint apps are really very nicely done. I just have trouble with the actual resemblance to Temuera Morrison. From certain angles, the look is uncanny, but straight on... I just have difficulty reconciling this face with the actor. I suppose, though, if that's my biggest issue with the look of this figure, it's easily remedied by putting the helmet on. Overall, though, I really like the look of this figure. The Mandalorian is basically a repaint of the Black Series Beskar Armor figure, or rather, I should say a "Paint added" variation. The different colors added to the figure give it a unique look and help it to stand out on my shelf. The blue highlights on the helmet and chest armor, coupled with the blue cape are very vibrant and stand out nicely against the silvers, dark browns, and lighter tans on the figure. I even like the metallic purple wrist rocket launcher with the copper wash over the actual mechanism. For me, the different paint scheme gives this figure a really nice appearance, allowing him to stand out on my Mandalorian display shelf. The color differences are enough to make this a figure worth having, if you are into having variants in your own collection. Overall, both figures earn a solid 8 out of 10 for appearance.

Images © Dan's ToyBox 2023


Up front, I will say, this is going to be my least favorite portion of the review. The articulation on these figures tends to leave a lot to be desired. Both heads easily turn side to side, Fett has some up/down looking movement, but Mando's helmet design limits that. Both figure's shoulders will rotate a full 360 degrees and will raise out to a relatively decent T pose. There is no bicep swivel. It is, instead, located at the single jointed elbows, which also only bend to about 90 degrees. Fett runs into limitations on his right arm as the tubes on his arm are a real hindrance to bending the elbow. My fear is that one or both of the tubes will break. You can, kind of, move them a bit to allow for the joint movement, but that could also stretch them to a breaking point as well. Wrists will hinge and swivel on both as well. Both figures have torso twist and pivot but are limited in their ability to crunch. Mando has no waist swivel, as it's part of the diaphragm joint, whereas Fett's joint is located at the waist, allowing for that better upper torso movement. They can do relatively decent splits, but both figures are limited by the holsters on their right legs. Both have thigh cuts which work good enough. Mando has double jointed knees which bend nicely. Fett though, has a single hinge due to the design of his pants. The problem is that once you bend the knee, you are left with a horribly designed, awkward leg, which just doesn't look good at all. It's rather disappointing to look at, actually. Mando's ankles will hinge and pivot nicely, but Fett's design precludes much hinging and really only allows for pivot. I'll be generous and give them a 5 out of 10 for Articulation.


As these were gifts... they didn't cost me a penny! However, if you are looking to get them yourself, my wife bought both on Amazon; Fett was $31.99 and Mando was $26.99. Both are, however, currently on sale for $21.73 and $20.66 respectively (as of today, 1/7/23). Given that the Fett figure is $34.99 on BBTS right now, I'd say that these are very reasonable prices, especially if you're a fan of these two characters in particular, or Star Wars in general. I'll happily give them an 8 out of 10 for affordability.

Overall, I'm very happy to have both of these figures in my collection. My "Mandalorian" display is growing nicely and I'm sure there will be additional Mandalorian figures such as Bo- Katan Kryze or Axe Woves added at some point. I do need to actually find Din Djarin's first appearance figure as well. Back to their grades. I'm happy to give these figures a solid

7 out of 10 ToyBoxes

Hope you enjoyed our first review of 2023! Watch for the Battle-Damaged Robocop as my goal is to get that review posted within the next day or so, providing we can figure out the problems with uploading pictures. Until next time... GEEK OUT!!!!

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