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Tamashii Nations/Bandai SHFiguarts Deadpool* Action Figure Review

*it's about %$#^ time you wrote about me!!! DP

As moviegoers wait with bated breath for the Merc with a Mouth to make his MCU appearance, we can enjoy having him in plastic form. Hasbro and Mafex have put out some great offerings and today Dan's ToyBox is taking a look at the SHFiguarts Deadpool Action Figure. Gotta admit, there are some great things about this figure and some "meh" things

"Whaddya mean 'MEH'?!? I kick @$$!!!"

'Pool, shut up, I'm trying to get this article written... *ahem* anyhow, as I was saying, there is a lot to like here, but a couple of things I'm not so sold on.

"Hmmmph... overrated review guy here..."

Wade Wilson made his first appearance in comics in the pages of "New Mutants" created by Fabian Nicieza and Rob Liefeld and debuting in issue #98, cover date February 1991. Though I know a bit about the character, I turned to Deadpool (Character) - Comic Vine ( for a more comprehensive background on the character. Here is just a snippet of our "hero's" origin...

"HEY!!! What's with the quotes around HERO? I'm a bonafide super do-goody good guy, you $#!@%# moron. Who's paying you to besmirch my good name?!?"

*Sigh* Sorry folks, it seems the subject of my review doesn't quite agree with my assessment. Anyway... here's the background I promised:

"Deadpool’s debut marked a very different version of the character. He was a serious, grim, and professional assassin, with none of his personality trademarks intact. It would be in his solo book that his trademark character traits would finally emerge. These would include the dark randomness to his actions, his humorous bend, schizophrenic tendencies, his suicidal personal outlook, and his 4th wall breaking quips that would make him famous, along with his love for Mexican food. Recently, Deadpool has been trying to be a hero.

Deadpool has been known for carrying a number of weapons and sometimes it is as if they appear from nowhere, this is often referred to as a 'magic satchel'. Blind Al is also a significant catalyst in Deadpool's personal development, as there is a clear love hate relationship which can vary from Blind Al being a mother-like figure to an abused hostage; sometimes within the same storyline." Courtesy

As familiar followers know, Dan's ToyBox rates action figures using four measurables: Accessories, Appearance, Articulations, and Affordability. Once discussed, these four helps formulate an overall rating for the figure of zero (garbage) to five (must add!) Toyboxes. I hope you all enjoy this review as much as I have.

"That makes one of us..."

"Hey, those pix aren't bad... I've got a lotta cool $#!+, don't I?!?"

As you can see, SHFiguarts definitely kept the trend of packing their figures with a lot of great stuff. Granted there was one major type of accessory missing, but I'm going to see what I can do about that...

"Yeah, about that... you know how much I like Desert Eagles... don't forget!"

As I was saying... Deadpool comes with NINE total pairs of hands: Fisted, Fisted/Gripping, Open/Relaxed, Flat palms, cupped (heart shape) hands, Trigger hands, Thumbs Up hands, Pointing hands, Open/Action hands. He has four different pairs of interchangeable eyes for different expressions, two katana swords, one knife, Scabbards for the katana, with removable katana handles, a sheath for the dagger and a sheathed dagger that ports onto his leg. Why they don't just give us scabbards and sheaths that can hold the sword and knife accessories is kind of beyond me, but whatever... and a tool for removing the changeable eyes. My only question is... Where are the GUNS?!? Deadpool has weapons galore and though we know he's proficient with blades, he just loves his guns!!!

"This MF spittin!!!"

"Deadpool... stop it, quit typing!!!!"

Sorry guys... anyway, I understand that some of the companies are trying not to promote guns and what not, but if that's the case, why does Deadpool have ports on his legs for holsters? I am disappointed, but thankfully his hands look to be about the right size for some Marvel Legends weaponry, so I'll test that theory out and see what we've got.

"Mmmmmmm, I love the smell of fresh gun oil in the morning..."

Aside from not having guns, I do really like the number of pieces that come with this figure. I would have liked a bit more difference in the eyes though. You can clearly see the wide open and mirthful slitted eyes, but the other pair, the differences aren't super notable, at least, not to me. Overall, though, I can give this figure an A for Accessories. It comes with enough stuff to enjoy!

"Man, I'm beautiful... look at dem cheeks!!!"

"Deadpool... I need you to turn and face the camera for a frontal..."

"Ain't no lens long enough for dis Merc, baby!!!"

*Shaking my head*

As you can see, SHF does an amazing job of bringing the film version of our favorite Mercenary to life here. The reds in the costume are crisp and dirtied in the right spots to not only give us an illusion of depth to the sculpt but to also make the costume look a bit damaged and worn. The details on the brown belt, silver highlights, and the insignia belt buckle are exacting, and the paint applications are spot on. The mix of matte and glossy black on the figure are also very well done and really look as though he jumped off the big screen. I am impressed with all of the sculpted detail on the figure from the seams right down to the texture on the suit and gloves. My biggest issue though is the strap across his chest, which is broken up by the design of the articulation. To be honest, I'd have almost preferred this to be a separate piece for the katana scabbards, so that the effect isn't broken when you pose the figure in a half turn. To be frank, though...

"Uhhh, your name is Dan..."

"Oh my gosh... please, shut up, Wade."

*ahem* To be frank though, the strap is really my only gripe with the appearance and it's a minimal complaint at best. I do really like how this figure turned out and the options to change his mask expressions, coupled with the dynamic group of hands we get make him look great when posed in all manner of motion. I have to admit, that I do like the Marvel Legends Deadpool/Negasonic two pack Deadpool just a bit better, but overall, this figure gets an A for Appearance.

"Somebody call my.... HEY... WHO THE %@#$ ARE YOU?!?"

"Evidently... I'm you but flexier... oooohhhh is this a mad multiverse review?!?"

"Guys... hey, please... I'm trying to write a review here... can you two just chill?"

All right, let's hope I can get through this without any more issues... on to Articulation, since the SHF Deadpool mentioned his "flexibility." I had a bit of concern with the head on mine as it seems to easily come off the neck peg. I did finally get it popped on and secure, but I think taking care when moving it will be a priority for me. That being said... it looks up and down to a degree, turns side to side very easily, and has some nice tilt for attitude. The shoulders are on a hidden butterfly which works exceptionally well and allows for a high range of arm lifting (better than T posing) and a complete 360-degree rotation. Deadpool also has a hidden bicep rotation, which coupled with the shoulder joint allows for some nice cross-body punching poses...

"Pfft... I don't need to hide my bicep swivel. Knock off figure..."

The elbows also bend in greater than 90 degrees and really hinge easily. Not loose, but rather, properly with no issues. All of the hands swivel and hinge nicely as well thanks to the friction pin, which makes swapping them easy! Deadpool has a really nice ab crunch at the upper diaphragm, which also allows side to side tilting and pivot...

"Let's see you do that... "Legend"!"

He also has a waist pivot, which is a bit tight on mine, but is still workable and not hindered by the belt. His legs have the cool SHF butt flaps which rotate, allowing for a greater range in leg motion. Deadpool can kick really high, do an amazing split (which is unhindered by the side pieces on his legs) and has a nice thigh swivel which works very well. His knees are double-jointed and can bend in very deep and he has great ankle motion with both hinging and rocking, plus his toe articulation is very nice and sturdy.

"I'm a super sexy, super flexy superfrea..."

"POOL!!! That's copyrighted, you can't say that last word!"

"Let's see how bendy you are when I rip ya limb from limb!! Hey... get back here!"

"I am OUTTA HERE!!! Whoop... oh hey Spidey, Venom... s'cuse me... ohhh nuts. Hey Webhead, gonna need a hand or rather... a line here... *THWIPPP* Ahh, that's it! Thanks!"

"SEE YA, SUCKER!!!!! Hmmm, time to explore my new digs."

I knew this was going to happen... "Pool!!! Just be careful not to knock anything over..." Anyway... he is right, the SHFiguarts Deadpool is very "flexy", and I'll give him an A- for Articulation, due to the head peg issues and tight waist joints. Lastly, we'll jump into the Affordability factor... let's see if I can get this done before he causes any further havoc.

"Havok!!! I know that guy... I think I see him right over there somewhere!"

The SHFiguarts Deadpool is available at multiple online sites and the average price for him seems to range from $74.99 to $79.99. I found mine on Amazon and pre-ordered him several months ago. He did get pushed back, but finally arrived, obviously, though I think I might have gotten him sooner from a different online retailer. Of course, being an import naturally drives his price up...

"But I'm worth every penny baby!"

But... yeah, aside from not having guns, he is worth every penny. To be honest, he's actually on the lower end of most import pricing, so I don't mind giving him an A for affordability at all!


"Cool shark... reminds me of a lawyer I once knew... Bruce something or other. Ok, leap to the pin and drop to the curtain... You got this, you sassy mutha!!! BANZAIIIIIIII!"

I need to wrap this review up before he gets into any more mischief... I really like this figure a lot. In spite of the few complaints I had, this is a really fun guy to pose around and though I think the Marvel Legend has a bit more accuracy (*You're damn right I do!!), this figure definitely is certainly worth the expenditure which makes me really happy to give him a total of:


Thank you for putting up with Deadpool's antics while I tried to get this thing written. As always, I appreciate you taking the time to drop by the ToyBox and until next time... GEEK OUT!!!

I better go see what he's up to before he gets into any more mischief!!! See ya, my friends!

"Huh... sale on bat costumes guys? Hey clown, gimme a drag of your smoke. C'mon, can't you show a little originality? Hey, nice cape Superfly guy! Whoo... who's down here? Hey Batsy... man, that cape is huge. See kids, this is why I don't wear a cape, though I would definitely rock a nice poncho!"

"Whoa... definitely more than meets the eye to this place... Uhhh... What the $^%$@#?!?"

"Who the %$!@#$ are you?!?"

"Evidently, I'm you... but filthier.... ooohhh is this a mad multiverse review?!?"

"Ahh, screw it. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Let's check out these cars, you sexy beast you!"


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