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What's a Spider-Man without his enemies? My top 10 Marvel Legends Spider-Man Villains list!

Several months ago, I published my top 10 Favorite Spider-Man figures. In that article, I mentioned that I'd do a villains list at some point. Well, I honestly forgot with all the other articles I've written. It was only recently when I was looking at that old Spidey article that I was reminded and thought it would be a fun list to publish now.

10) Retro Wave Hammerhead

The quintessential gangster, Hammerhead is perpetually stuck in the old Mafia days. However, his penchant for violence is not to be taken lightly. At first when this figure came out, I thought about passing on it, but as I slowly finished getting the rest of the figures in this Retro Spider-Man wave, I found Hammerhead to actually be a pretty decent figure. The bat and brass knuckles are a great touch and the comic accuracy add to the unexpected fun of owning this particular figure.

9) Retro Wave Web Man

One of the silliest Spider-foes, Web Man's short-lived appearance in Spidey Super Stories is still a fun tale. As I wrote in my review I remembered drawing Spider-Man and coloring him just like Web Man. Naturally, when Hasbro announced the figure, I decided it would be fun to have. I know that Mafex has released one and though I like the concept and appearance, I'm perfectly content with this one. While I have other Spidey villains, this figure made the list because I really enjoy how it looks.

8) Retro Wave Scorpion

This version was a VAST improvement over the initial offering, in terms of paint design and having a bendy tail. I will admit that I liked the look of the other, in the comics, with the darker costume and nearly full-face mask, but in figure form this version is much more fun. Sure, he has his issues, but posed with Spidey or other villains, he stands out nicely and fits right in. He could have used extra hands, but overall, I'm pleased with having this Scorpion in my collection.

7) Retro Wave Rhino

I wasn't collecting when the original BAF of Rhino was released. I still regret missing out on that one, simply because it had the masked head, and I always preferred that look. However, when this Retro version was announced, I knew I'd be adding one to my collection. It definitely took the sting out of not having the BAF and amazingly, in spite of it's size and mass, Rhino can actually pose relatively decently and is easily able to balance on one foot in a running pose. That's impressive in and of itself, add in the details to the sculpting and costume and this is actually a much better figure than, I think, it gets credit for.

6) Vulture (Demogoblin BAF Wave)

When this Vulture was announced in the Demogoblin BAF wave, I got happy. Getting a comic accurate Vulture was on my radar for a long time. I really like the fact that he has both the helmeted and helmet-less versions. For a long time, I displayed him with the helmet, but when I re-did the Spidey-Villain shelf, I had to go back to the old Adrian Toomes look. If I have one big complaint, it's the wings. A little drop of Super-Glue solved the problems of them constantly falling out. It will be interesting to see if, at some point, Hasbro drops another version of this figure in the Retro line. It will have to be something really special though for me to add to the collection, if they do.

5) Retro Wave Sandman

As with Rhino, I never completed the original Sandman BAF. Sadly, I'm only missing both arms and his right leg. Knowing how difficult it would be though, to finish that one, made buying this Retro version an easy decision. The accessories are really good on this and as you can see, he is displayed with the "hole in his head" sculpt, which makes for great photos with Spider-Man. This was actually kind of a tough choice as he could have easily been a bit higher on this list. I really like the look of this figure and having it makes putting the Sinister Six together so much easier.

4) Retro Wave Electro

At this point, I'm sure you've noticed that the bulk of my favorite Spider-Man villain figures have come from the Retro Wave. These are the best depictions of his villains in their comic accurate costumes, in my opinion. Electro is no exception. I do have the other Electro from the Space Venom BAF wave and though it's good, this traditional look is so much more fun for me. This is the costume I grew up seeing in comic books and having it in plastic form puts a smile on my face and brings back some great memories.

3) Retro Wave Lizard

Yes... yet another entry in the "Never completed BAF" category. I was able to get both this Lizard and the Cel-Shaded Spider-Man at the same time and had a good time taking pictures of them together, in front of my Christmas tree. I really had a tough time deciding how to display this figure but felt the more savage Lizard look was the way to go. Sure, he has a bendy tail, but the plastic is fairly hard, which makes good posing difficult, but this is still a great version of the Lizard and makes a great addition to my collection.

2) Retro Wave Green Goblin

Spider-Man's deadliest foe, Norman Osborne. You'd think this would be number one on my favorite villain figures list and honestly, it nearly was. This really encapsulates the look and feel of the Green Goblin, from the sinister bulging yellow eyes to the chainmail scales on his arms and legs. The color scheme is bright and cheery, belying the evil within. I have the Sandman BAF Green Goblin, based on what appears to be Humberto Ramos' art style. While that one is good, this one IS the Green Goblin for me. The optional unmasked Norman Osborne head looks spectacular on the figure and sets up some great photo recreations.

Without any further hesitation, let's jump down to NUMBER ONE!

1) Hobgoblin (Space Venom BAF Wave)

It's not the best figure in the wave, but it's one of the most sinister looking. The darker blue and orange, coupled with the two different head sculpts makes this one mean looking Hobgoblin. I did purchase the Retro Wave Hobgoblin and it's a massive disappointment compared to this one. I have the possessed head sculpt on the display because it reminds me of the great Spider-Man/Ghost Rider team up in McFarlane's Spider-Man series, issue #'s 6 and 7. Even with all the shortcomings of Legends QC back then, this is still a darn good figure and my favorite Spidey Legends Villain Figure.


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25 jun 2023

Awesome top 10 review! I enjoyed reading it and hearing your reasons for picking them and the detail of the review and figures.thanks bro!

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Dan Hickman
Dan Hickman
25 jun 2023
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Thank you!!!

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